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As the “all natural” trend continues to spread among Bahamians, an increasing number of aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking to local farms and even their own backyards for inspiration.

One such businessman is Devlyn Stubbs, who has now launched a tea company called Bay Teas.

He specialises in organic herbal teas with ingredients that are grown, packaged and distributed right here in the Bahamas.

“To ensure quality, potency, overall effectiveness and enjoyment, our leaves are harvested from their natural habitat or local farms. Bay Teas offers a tea experience that complements your strength, beauty and inner peace,” Mr Stubbs told Tribune Health.

He said the inspiration for the venture came from a wish to promote sustainability and also to help grow the economy in a healthier way. Mr Stubbs believes herbal tea leaves are full of natural ingredients that aid in proper bodily functions.

Bay Teas offers everything from bay leaf to fever grass, soursop, neem, moringa, five finger, wild lime, strong back, moon goddess and tehu blends.

“In addition to promoting health, wellness and a better quality of life for Bahamians, the Bahamas needs to be more industrious and self-sufficient. Farming and food supply is one of our major concerns. We import so many goods and services that it is refreshing to see local resources being utilised by Bahamians to create jobs and opportunity. This trend towards ownership will help our economy by reducing the need for imports and increase exports,” said Mr Stubbs.

When asked about his thoughts on the increasing popularity of herbal teas, especially here in the Bahamas, Mr Stubbs said people have learned from grandparents that local plants are good for the body.

“We know family members that have treated ailments for many generations. Not surprisingly, this has been proven to be the case when some of these plants were scientifically investigated and nutritional facts were made known. For example, bay leaf – featured in some of our blends – is very popular locally, but has also been studied internationally,” he said.

He said The Journal of Pathogen published research stating “the bay leaves extracts have antioxidant and antimicrobial effects” and that “natural medicinal plants, such as L nobilis, are rich sources of bioactive compounds.”

During on of his recent pop-ups at Hillside House, Mr Stubbs said people from all walks of life expressed interest in his teas.

“We are no longer there, however, the experience was amazing. The teas were heralded by downtown employees, tourists, students, government officials, artists and commuters,” he said.

Starting this Saturday, April 13, Bay Teas will be hosting “Philosophy Talk with Bay Teas” at Gypsy Tea and Books located on Parliament Street. This event is recurring and features poets, writers and artists.

Bay Teas are also available at Café on Parliament, Spa Smitten (Prince George Plaza) and by order at (242) 818-9731.


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