Bp&L Bills

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Before BP&L with the assistance of whoever resolves the current catastrophe which PM Minnis and his Cabinet don’t seem to realise, we the public want some indications as to what will this spending of $95m for new engines do to my BP&L bill?

Mr Heastie I would presume, could that be too much to consider, BP&L got estimates and a reasonable commitment from Wartsila once the seven-magnificent engines are operating what cost per KW will BP&L be obtaining. Anything over 14 cents per KW... stop everything and send the engines back immediately.

New Fortress to the Christie Government promised 13-14 cents per KW. That was in 2017. BP&L have to invest in “pay-as-you go metering’...... have to collect the enormous arrears hundreds of millions, oh, yes, including from you, Mr Finance - in my opinion you are as bad as those delinquent customers anything from $15-20 plus at any given time. Who refuses publish - shame and collect !



August 16, 2019.


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