Dorian Cause Huge Water Damage In Marco City

AGRICULTURE and Marine Resources Minister Michael Pintard.

AGRICULTURE and Marine Resources Minister Michael Pintard.


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MORE than 2,500 homes in the Marco City constituency sustained water damage as a result of flooding during Hurricane Dorian, according to area MP Michael Pintard.

He has organised the Marco City Coalition which is assisting families with restoration and relief efforts in his constituency.

Mr Pintard said that relief workers have been able to help many families by distributing building materials for home repairs, as well as water, food, and care packages to constituents.

He said some homes in the area had up to eight feet of flood water. He thanked those who have contributed to the relief efforts.

“We are busy with a project restoration for Grand Bahama,” Mr Pintard said. “More than 2,500 homes in Marco City were flooded anywhere from a couple inches of water, all the way to eight feet. As a result of all your contributions, we have been able to touch many families.”

He also commended his team in Marco City for their continued dedication.

“They have tirelessly spent their time and resources to assist residents, and many of their own homes have been damaged. But nevertheless, they have sacrificed their time whether I was present or away officially on government business,” Mr Pintard said.

He said the demand for drinking water is extremely high.

“We will continue with our water distribution over the next several months. We have a very serious challenge where city water has not yet returned to normal,” he said.

The island’s fresh water supply was also significantly impacted when storm surge flooded the well fields, resulting in salty tap water.


TalRussell 1 month, 2 weeks ago

There's misconception that the severe water damage Grand Bahamaland experienced - came from Hurricane Dorian's rain, so false, yeah, no ....


ThisIsOurs 1 month, 2 weeks ago

"e has organised the Marco City Coalition which is assisting families with restoration and relief efforts in his constituency."

so lost right now....why does the minister have to organize a coalition to help with disaster relief when the PM just created a new cabinet post and 4 senior officials to do that job? I could see the residents advocating for themselves but this is odd...he sits beside Lewis in cabinet now and only 2 islands affected...shouldn't he be in regular updates on the plan and status reporting? why the need to do this extra thing?


BONEFISH 1 month, 2 weeks ago

The good minister is merely attempting to counteract a move by the Marco City branch of the PLP. They have been giving out hardware supplies to residents there. Sheetrock,plywood and the like.The minister is simply subtly campaigning just like them.


ThisIsOurs 1 month, 2 weeks ago

ah...ok guess that makes sense...in an electiony way


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