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NO MATTER how familiar it has become, one of the most popular Christmas gift options in the Bahamas is “fragrance shopping”.

One can never have too many perfumes and colognes, according to Bahamian holiday shoppers. Tribune Woman asked Tanya Bain, retail manager at The Perfume Bar Bahamas about the hype that surrounds fragrance shopping. We asked what are some of the things persons should know when buying a fragrance as a Christmas gift?

Quoting her team’s holiday slogan “You know the person and we know the perfume”, Ms Bain said knowing a little about the perfume preferences of the person you are buying for will help to purchase the perfect gift.

“Some persons prefer more floral notes, others prefer woody or citrus notes, and knowing these small details makes the gift more personal and shows that some thought went into the purchase. And yes, the brand matters. While we house a wide range of fragrances, each brand is different in their scent profiles, bottle design and consumers. Some perfume houses cater to natural enthusiasts who want to be in touch with nature as they experience new scents; for others, they prefer consumers who can appreciate art through their fragrance bottle design,” said Ms Bain.

She said this holiday season, the most popular fragrance for men is the Carolina Herrera “Bad Boy” and its lightning bolt is the symbol of Bad Boy. It expresses heroism and strength, and it becomes an allegory of his personality: unpredictable, unusual, appealing and fascinating.

Ms Bain said Bad Boy seduces and captivates as fast and precise as a lightning bolt.

For women this holiday season, the choice to go with is the Chanel Gabrielle Essence, as it is a new voluptuous and enveloping interpretation that is intensely feminine.

Tribune Woman asked what would she say to those who believe fragrances are “lazy” Christmas gifts? Ms Bain said there is nothing lazy about choosing the right fragrance for someone you care about. She believes fragrances are personal and evokes an emotion from the receiver.

“Fragrance is a journey that we want to travel on with the wearer and because of this, a lot of thought goes into the purchase of a fragrance gift. You should know a lot about a person before purchasing a fragrance for them. Perfumers put a great deal of thought into the creation of fragrances to evoke aspects of your personality and awaken our senses through scent. Also, some persons are sensitive to scents, knowing this, will help you avoid after-Christmas exchanges,” said Ms Bain.

For a single woman, Ms Bain said the perfect fragrance gift would be the Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire. She describes this woman as a builder of an empire on her own terms and with her own rules. She is also a diamond that knows how to impose. And for a single male, the perfect gift would be the Mont Blanc Explorer since he would be on a journey to create his own path and discover what he truly wants to accomplish at this stage of his life.

“The most outstanding inquiry would be fragrances that can enhance a person’s ‘sex drive’. Since fragrances are a form of aromatherapy, certain notes have been known to stimulate the sensory organs and release natural endorphins which can make persons feel aroused,” said Ms Bain.


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