Grand Bahama: Rockers The Unofficial Winners, Platinum Knights Hit By Penalties

THE Superstar Rockers. Photo: Derek Carroll

THE Superstar Rockers. Photo: Derek Carroll


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THE Superstar Rockers emerged as the unofficial winner of the New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade in Grand Bahama, dethroning two-time defending champion Platinum Knights which fell from the top standing after penalty points were applied.

According to the unofficial results in the division A category, the Rockers placed first with a total of 2,607 points, with the Swingers taking second place with 2,487 points, and the Platinum Knights placing third with 2,267 points.

The Classic Dancers were disqualified in every category. The division B category winner was Showtime with 1,382 points. Bushwhackers, Sting and Freedom International Ministries were disqualified.

The event was a huge success attracting hundreds of residents and visitors to Pioneer’s Way in Freeport on Tuesday evening.

Fans lined the parade route as bleacher seating was sold out, leaving only VIP seating which was also filled to capacity.

Superstar Rockers took fans back to school with its theme, “Alumni Night” that presented Grand Bahama schools then and now.

The group’s banner featured the blue logo of the University of the Bahamas, the country’s tertiary education institution. Off-the shoulder costumes showcased colourful symbols of schools on the island, including Lewis Yard Eagles, Mary Star of the Sea Stingrays, Lucaya International School Buccaneers, and Sir Jack Hayward Wildcats, and St Georges Jaguars, among others.

Platinum Knights was first out the block during the parade, setting a strong pace with “Colours of Your Imagination” as its theme this year.

The group’s banner depicted a brand new box of Crayola crayons. The costume pieces were bursting with vibrant colours and hues of baby blue, purple and brown.


The Swingers.

Costumes included a red dragon, pink flamingos, and the fairy tale characters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, among others.

Group leader Thomas Curry depicted a black panther, alongside his wife who was costumed as a black widow spider.

The choreographed section featured dancers costumed as a flock of pink flamingos, followed by bright blooming yellow elders close behind, and a sea of blue marlins.

Free dancers took to the streets prancing around in royal blue. Some were angels, green and purple butterflies, white peacocks, and a lady in red.

The lead costume was an ocean theme, depicting the deep blue sea with King Triton, mermaids, blue marlins, sea urchins, and a collection of sea creatures.

The second group out on the parade route was Showtime with its theme, “Love”. The banner consisted of a wedding scene, and two crosses which depicted God’s greatest sacrifice of his son, Jesus, who demonstrated love for mankind.

The off-the-shoulder costumed dancers depicted various symbols of love, such as a ‘love bug’ and hearts. Beverages that people love to consume were also displayed.

The group also depicted Bahamians’ love for gambling. The group’s music section entertained with the sounds of bellers, scrapers and bass drummers dressed in various colours that depict love.

The lead costume piece featured a love boat, with decorated hearts suspended above, and tropical fish and flamingos.

The Swingers presented fans with a “Tour Through the USA”. The banner featured historical and cultural structures in Washington, DC and a depiction of President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.

Many of the visitors loved the costumes which highlighted various popular US states and the group also featured major US events and holidays such as the Indianapolis 500, the US Open, Thanksgiving Day, and the 4th of July.

The choreographed dancers were dressed as Las Vegas showgirls, while the free dancers were costumed as Native Americans, US currency, All American sporting teams, and other American symbols.

The lead piece featured popular Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, with Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Prince impersonators.

Up next was Sting, with its theme, “Freeport Rush”. The small B division group’s theme highlighted political, economic and social challenges and issues facing the country, and encouraged Bahamians to live more peaceful lives.

For the first time, a religious group Freedom International Ministries participated in the parade. Under the theme, “Jesus is Coming”, the group’s banner portrayed Jesus ascending in a cloud.

The choreographed dancers were dressed in costumes as angels dancing to the sounds of gospel music and biblical characters carried Bible verses.

Under the theme, “A Wonderful Year of Celebrations”, The Classic Dancers put the crowd in a celebration mode with its costumes depicting joyous holidays and special occasions in the Bahamian calendar.

And the final group on the parade route was the Bushwhackers whose theme this year was “Wacking With the Bushwhackers”.


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