Travel Advisories Are Not Flippant

EDITOR, The Tribune

Travel advisories are issued by sovereign governments to advise their citizens of danger or potential danger when visiting a particular city, area or country – they are not flippantly issued.

Canada issued an alert on January 24, 2018…which followed the US Travel Alert of January 10, 2018 (US travel alert went to level two on September 2, 2018 but if read correctly no alert is in place today).

The RCL Cruise Line ‘Anthem of the Seas’ captain basically verbatim followed the US alert of earlier this year. There was a reason for this.

What did Ministry of Tourism - Ministry of National Security - Ministry of Environment (Fish Fry) put into place to remediate clean up these issues from early 2018?

Was there any consultation with the US Embassy-Nassau? Was there any communication with Foreign Ministry of Canada as there is no High Commission in Nassau?

My fear is nothing so what do you expect - no reaction? One cruise crew coming here for years comments “on every visit a passenger has been mugged or assaulted”, probably not reported to RBPF.



December 29, 2018


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