Ignore The Shot Spotters

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Minister of National Security is making a lot of fuss about this Shot Spotter Alert system that will be rolled out very soon.

This is far from a successful application as you find when you google the name.

Brockton, MA…296 alerts - 152 unfounded…East Palo Alto, CA 1,725 alerts 1,089 unfounded…Kansas City, MO…6619 alters…2513 unfounded…Milwaukee, WI 10,285 alerts…7201 unfounded…Omaha, NE 1,181 alerts…737 unfounded…San Francisco, CA 4,385 alerts…1412 unfounded…Wilmington, NC 1278 alerts…399 unfounded.

Milwaukee had the largest number of alerts 10,285 out of those only 172 arrests! Kansas City 6,619 alerts had 108 arrests. San Francisco, CA 4,385 alerts had two arrests.

How much is this system going to cost?

My advice to the Minister: rely on a 911 call, usually they will be very accurate as to a shooting. Clearly this data shows someone pulled a hood over someone. Cancel immediately!



January 7, 2019.


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