Hands off our logo, warns PLP Chairman Mitchell


PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell said yesterday the party is working to have its official symbols trademarked due to flagrant abuse and misuse.

He also warned candidate hopefuls they must secure permission from party trustees before using symbols as they canvas for support.

The advisory was included in a public statement, which also warned vendors and service providers over the unauthorised use of its official symbol and letter design.

Mr Mitchell said: “There has been a lot of abuse...for example there has been an anti-PLP campaign by people connected with Save the Bays. They have been misusing and abusing the PLP sign so that’s why we are in the process of getting it trademarked to protect the ownership of it and to prevent that sort of thing from happening.”

“You have to have permission to use symbols that are owned by the PLP. We also want to be sure that people aren’t using it to run up debts without having the proper authority.

“And to (ensure) the people who are involved in the nominating process don’t give the impression that the party has already decided that they are a nominee. So that is why we issued these general guidelines as to how the symbols ought to be used. It is not a very difficult thing if you want to use the symbol you just ask the secretary general and she’ll give you authority if it is appropriate.”

The chairman said the candidate process started three months ago but noted the process could take several months up to a year. He said: “The candidates committee has to first receive the advice from the various branches…Some branches, like North Abaco, and a number of other (branches) have several people interested in nominations so the branches has started inviting people to come by, who want to run, to speak to the branch.

“The branch should be observing their conduct in the community, how close they are with the community, what their programmes and policies are, there ability to work with a team. At the end of the process (they) make recommendations to the cabinet’s committee as to who they would like their nominees to be.”


TalRussell 4 years, 4 months ago

Yes, or no - as a lawyer, thinks comrade Freddy should know the PLP's logo mark cannot be trademarked protected after its public use... and in case PLP's logo - they've been publicly using theirs since way back from year 1953. Yes, no its in public domain and anyone is free use it as they please?


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