Our Next Chief Justice Decision Is A Slam Dunk

EDITOR, The Tribune

There has to be further concern that we are still without a confirmed Chief Justice - we hear from learned Attorneys and last week the plea from the currently Acting Chief Justice that this is untenable, but why does the Prime Minister continue to refuse to approve?

We buried with all the trappings of a full State funeral the late Chief Justice Isaacs on September 7, 2018. That is now four months ago who for the Isaacs, confirmative process the selection was obviously carried out and you would have had candidate one-two-three maybe four for the position so with the very sudden demise of Chief Justice Isaacs surely the appointment of a definitive new person as Chief Justice at the least should have been immediate no later than September, 2018?

Has Article: 95(2) been complied with? Has the Judicial and Legal Commission acted as required? Further is it complaint with the Constitution that we have for lengthy periods persons Acting in any appointment? Judges - Permanent Secretaries - Directors, etc?

This Chief Justice confirmation is a simple slam dunk decision – for Justice Isaacs the process was concluded very recently – whoever was the second choice simply should be appointed Chief Justice.

To the PM’s spokesperson – your comment is flippant!



January 13, 2019.


joeblow 8 months, 1 week ago

This is too simple and reasonable to make sense to a politician!


DDK 8 months, 1 week ago

"To the PM’s spokesperson – your comment is flippant!" Still have not figured out why the tax payers have to foot this person's salary, or many of the others for that matter.


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