Two Religious Leaders Named 'Persons Of The Year'


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TWO well-known religious leaders were on Friday declared Jones Communications’ Persons of the Year 2018 for significant contributions to their churches and the Bahamas.

Reverend Dr Timothy Stewart, pastor of the historic Bethel Baptist Church, and Dr Leonard Johnson, executive secretary of the Inter-America Division of Seventh-Day Adventists, received the awards yesterday at JCN’s Media Centre.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, who spoke during the event, praised the men for their work, which he said supported the overall development of the country.

Dr Minnis was JCN’s person of the year 2017.

“Rev Dr Timothy Stewart is the pastor of the historic Bethel Baptist Church on Meeting Street. Bethel Baptist Church holds the distinction of being the oldest Baptist church in the Bahamas,” Dr Minnis told those gathered.

“As one historian noted for over two centuries it has anchored the spiritual life of this segment of the over the hill community.”

Dr Minnis said for four decades Stewart served as pastor and his church played an integral part in the fight for majority rule.

He continued: “Rev Dr Stewart has preserved the trailblazing that was first formed by Samuel Scriven and Prince William in 1790 as Bethel’s leading house.

“This year Rev Dr Stewart will serve as president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention in the US, which has an estimated membership of 2.5 million. A statement announcing this year’s JCN person of the year describes Dr Stewart as an inspiration to clergymen and members of the community of faith and the Americas.”

As for Dr Johnson, the prime minister said he is a celebrated outstanding preacher.

“Dr Johnson, a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor was recently installed as the first pastor from an English speaking territory to become executive secretary of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-Day Adventist churches.

“The division has a membership of more than 3 million and oversees the church’s work in 42 countries. Dr Johnson has served in ministry for many years (and) he is celebrated for an outstanding preaching ministry.

“In 2016 Dr Johnson was the first Seventh-Day Adventist minister to receive the CMG medal in the Bahamas.”

Dr Minnis said awards like this one ensures the contribution of leaders does not fade from national memory and supports a strong sense of community and national pride.

He further thanked JCN Publisher Wendell Jones for recognising the people who make a difference.


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

These Wendell Jones awards are worthless ......... as worthless as his unpaid bills to the Government and God knows who.


hrysippus 12 months ago

Hey Sleeppunner, good post especially since I still aint got mines yet.


OMG 12 months ago

I will say it again, it is only certain persons in certain public areas that get recognition. Time to recognize the true hero's who contribute to the practicalities of running the country. Examples being, BASRA, Paramedics, Police officers ,Cancer society workers. But this will never happen because despite local acknowledgement they are small fish. As for the church, more fighting and back biting goes on in church than most other places. I know who I would rather have in a medical or nautical emergency and it certainly isn't "an outstanding preacher".


ThisIsOurs 12 months ago

But you dont get that its all a marketing numbers game. Awards ceremonies are about making money by selling as many tickets as possible. Thats it. Your Aunt Suzie who happens to be my Tita wont get as many people to come to celebrate her as Bishop Sheldon ShoutsTooMuch. Its ALL marketing. So is the mortgage payoff church gimmick


Chucky 12 months ago

Hard to imagine how one squares giving awards to members of different and conflicting religious dogmas.

Given their ability to con people into believing their fairytales and con them out of their money, they deserve an award for being good bullsh#ters.

But to give an award requires one to first give credence to effort and accomplishment directed towards a given discipline or goal; again I don't see how two people working conflicting dogmas can both have their achievement recognized.


ThisIsOurs 12 months ago

Cuz its about selling tickets


sheeprunner12 12 months ago

SDA is a cult .......... they worship Ellen White ........ still believe in 600 Jewish laws .......... Almost as bad as the Black Hebrews.


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