Govt Spending $1.5m On 150 Scholarships


Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd.


Tribune Staff Reporter


A TOTAL of $1.5m is being spent by the government to give 150 scholarships to public high school students to continue their studies abroad.

The announcement was made yesterday at an event organised by the Public School Scholars Programme.

Education Minister Jeff Lloyd said the government has spent $40m in tuition assistance.

He said: "With these great and outstanding partners that we have from the number of universities who are here present, who I'm sure you'll be meeting in a short while, this particular group we are spending over one and a half million dollars in counterpart funding for your education and I want to tell you that we are proud to do it, more than proud.

"When I became the minister of education - and I give all credit to Miss Monique Hinsey, this brilliant young lady tireless in her work started out with approximately 20 students, today it's 150. She started out with partnering with three or four universities, today we have almost 40 universities."

The programme is a movement designed to give more Bahamian public school graduates a chance of a college degree by using the existing Ministry of Education scholarship budget and partnering with international colleges and universities.

Mr Lloyd said when the scholarship division was established, the majority of the receipts were from private schools and he asked, "What about the public-school students?"

He said: "We have 60,000 public school students in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, only 25,000 in the private schools. Why aren’t they getting a certain benefit? So, we established this particular programme so that it is exclusively (for public schools).

"In my first meeting with Mrs Hinsey, I said we do not want to restrict ourselves to the United States and Canada, I want you to go to China, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, South America, Africa and find universities who want to partner with us so that we can have our children go all over the world in support and by the support of the Bahamas Government.

Olano Thelusmar, CI Gibson student and awardee, said despite the many trials in his life he is a success.

He said: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Ladies and gentlemen, everything in life won’t go as expected, but what God has for you no man can take away.

"Today as a result of my endurance I have found my inner strength and can boast of the following accomplishments. I am a proud 2019 graduate of the great CI Gibson Senior High School, a member of the national high school debate championship team, a 2019 public school scholarship programme awardee."

Marcellus Taylor, director of education, said: "Education has been the gateway to life of success for many Bahamians, both prominent and otherwise; and for you it can be equally so.

"I am especially proud that, this year, 150 of our Bahamian public school students from across the archipelago of islands are being afforded opportunities through scholarships and will be provided with the key to new and exciting prospects. Congratulations to the majority of you who are first generation college students."

The Public School Scholars Programme was launched in 2015. To date, more than 513 students have benefited from the programme.


Giordano 11 months, 1 week ago

Congratulations to the students ' awardees and also the government through the MInister of education for such collaborative effort of giving and adding values to some local young students. We need to see these kind of good news more often with enough funds to cover more children. This is good and it must be said : Not enough.!


bahamianson 11 months, 1 week ago

Yes, good news, hopefully after receiving funds from the BAHAMIAN populace, they will come back and make a contribution to the society that helped them.To often, they stay in the states. America maintains our educated folks . People believe that they are entailed to free everything. Who is to pay? If no one is working or contributing to taxes, who pays the unions yearly increased salaries? Come back and contribute to this messed up place; we desperately need you !!!!!!!!!!


sheeprunner12 11 months, 1 week ago

$1.5 million for 150/60,000 public school students scholarships ........... $5 million for the real big scholarships and an extra $20 million stipend for the private school students ...... coming soon.


truetruebahamian 11 months, 1 week ago

What is the possibility of a ner 60 year old who wishes to advance his or her studies and advance their potential by receiving some of these monies - considering that we have been contributing to this fund - which is taken from the central resource. I do wish to go back to schooll and gain ground where it can be put into the betterment of our country rather than the benefits of which will be dispersed 'in the wind' to other countries.


joeblow 11 months ago

Its great when we can spend public funds to educate people, for free, who won't come back home to contribute! Awesome investment!


sheeprunner12 11 months ago

60% do not return from USA, Canada, UK etc ......... maybe increasing now. Yet the Govt gives out millions and millions to study overseas ..... If these parents could have afforded private school, they sure could afford college. This is a big rip-off scheme


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