Walkabout won't solve the mess

EDITOR, The Tribune.

How we solve our problems is a pretence of questionable sense – get five – six ASPs from the police together and do a walk-a-bout downtown, if that reassures anyone - gather four-five ASPs do a walk-about and all is resolved like drinking down Alka Seltzer!

Did the police did not know the serious issues happen after dark?

Although during the day you have the petty criminal pushing drugs and pick-pocketing and foul language.

The shop ladies story of the human excreta found along Prince George Wharf suggests PW needs to wash-down that area daily.

Heading to Junkanoo Beach, exceptionally popular the sidewalk needs repair… drains cleaned so when the road floods after rain the vehicles do not splash the visitors walking.

Whilst here surely there is a dress code for everyone. Post a police at the gate leaving Cruise Dock and have signs indicating the required proper attire…I really don’t have to see some of those bodies - they are gross.

Sorry we have an unacceptable mess. Officials totally blind!



January 8, 2019.


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