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Increasingly, countries around the world are paying more attention to female health. This, coupled with the growing interest in all things organic, has lead Theresa Alcock to launch her own health and beauty company called Come Back Kitty specifically for women.

Based in Nassau, Come Back Kitty (CBK) offers products that can be incorporated into an overall self-care regimen designed to help the body maintain optimal sexual health, including libido stimulation and increased satisfaction.

One of the company’s main products are cleansing douches, intended to maintain a healthy female reproductive system. The line also includes herbal teas, herbal soaps and moisturisers.

In an interview with Tribune Health, Theresa said among the most important health benefits of the products, especially the teas, are their abilities to relieve stress, improve moods, promote restful sleep, decrease skin irritation, prevent infections, reduce inflammation, eliminate dandruff, and soothe stomach bloating.

She further claimed that ingredients used in CBK products support a healthy nervous system, cardiovascular health, liver detoxification and blood purification.

Some products, she said, can treat symptoms of menopause and PMS.

“What is clear around the world is that many are becoming ill when nature‘s bounty of gifts is available with so many remedies to our aliments. Locally, our grandparents and parents went to nature for healing, and it worked. This is what motivated me to develop Come Back Kitty. Nature and its power are my inspiration. Nature has designed all we need for our success and well-being,” said Theresa.

She said customers have told her that they were able to get relief from hot flashes, see improvements in their skin, and even increase satisfaction levels as it relates to their sex lives.

“Natural compounds found in our tea/douche help to stabilise vaginal pH so as to allow the healthy bacteria to thrive in that environment. Everyone’s vagina has a unique pH that’s influenced by a bunch of factors, like your diet, your period, and how often you’re having sex, and some people need help to get their pH a little more balanced,” said Theresa.

“Imbalances in pH is why some people are more prone to getting bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Our products are restorative for vaginal health.”

For more information, contact Theresa Alcock at 455-1579 or 829-3166.


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