Party Agrees July Dates For Its Next Convention


PLP leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis. Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune Staff


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Progressive Liberal Party’s convention has been scheduled for the third week in July, PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis confirmed yesterday.

The convention, scheduled for July 25-26, will be held at the Melia resort. Mr Davis noted all positions will be available for contest.

The dates for the party’s convention have been pushed back for months. Last November it was reported that the convention would be held this month. However, Mr Davis later reported there were difficulties surrounding the anticipated May dates.

Yesterday when asked he could give an update on the party’s convention, Mr Davis told reporters: “Yes, I think it’s the 22nd of July…it’s the third week in July; 25th-26th of July will be the convention.”

Regarding whether anyone will be challenging him for the position of leader, Mr Davis said: “I will not know that until (my) post is declared vacant.”

To this, someone interjected: “But they will be crushed.”

The PLP’s convention was previously scheduled for November 14, 15 and 16 of 2018. Last October, it was announced the event would be pushed back to this month. Although the party did not give an official reason for the delay, The Tribune reported at the time the event was postponed because of financial issues typical for opposition parties.

In March, Mr Davis said the anticipated May dates may have been lost “because the hotel is indicating they may have not found the three consecutive days for the convention.”

At the time, Mr Davis was asked about paying for the upcoming convention. To this he replied, “Fundraising for the Progressive Liberal Party has always been a challenge but I think we will meet those challenges whenever we fix a date for the convention.”

The PLP’s constitution mandates it has a convention every year. So far, no one has publicly declared an intention to challenge Mr Davis for leadership of the party. The Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador MP said: “I don’t discourage ambition at all and there will be the opportunity to challenge (me).”

On Tuesday, Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer told The Tribune the governing party will forgo a national convention again this year despite its constitutional mandate to hold one every two years.


TheMadHatter 11 months, 1 week ago

Again, no discussion of whether challengers will be allowed to speak to delegates and to the convention attendees before the votes.

Obviously havent learned from what they did to Sears last time. I dont know why they sought independence from the British monarchy...and then become a monarchy themselves.

At least they're having a convention. The FNM aint. But it doesnt really matter if challengers cant communicate with the electorate.

Why do we love potholes so much?


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