'Elaborate Human Smuggling Scheme' Uncovered In Grand Bahama


Tribune Freeport Reporter


IMMIGRATION officials believe they have uncovered an elaborate human smuggling scheme in Grand Bahama involving 12 African nationals.

Immigration officer Napthali Cooper reported ten men and two women from Africa were taken into custody on Thursday morning for overstaying their visitor status.

He reported that the nationals departed Lagos on May 2, flying to Istanbul, then onto Cuba, and finally arriving in Nassau on May 4 where they were landed for three days.

According to Mr Cooper, the group purported to have travelled to The Bahamas as "crew members" with the expressed intention of joining the vessel Deepwater Asgard in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Elnet Maritime Agency Ltd was selected to have been the local agent facilitating the transaction.

However, Mr Cooper said the 12 crew members never showed up in Freeport on May 3, as scheduled, and failed to contact the local shipping agency.

He said they discovered that the ship did not arrive as was anticipated by Elnet Maritime.

Mr Cooper stated that immigration officers acting on information received proceeded to No 17 Riviera Towers in the Lucaya area where five African nationals were taken into custody after their passports revealed that they had overstayed their time.

Acting on further information received, immigration officers also went to an apartment in Holmes Rock where seven more African nationals were taken into custody for overstaying.

The 12 persons were taken to Immigration Headquarters for processing.

Mr Cooper said that it is believed the group was involved in an elaborate scheme to be smuggled into the United States.

"The 12 Africans were posing as crew members and travelled all the way from Cameroon and Nigeria to The Bahamas to be smuggled into the US," he said.

The group was expected to be charged in court on Friday.


bcitizen 4 months ago

Don't worry about this. We gotta get that CBD oil and hemp milk out of peoples hands first.


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 months ago

Smuggled humans en route to the U.S. via the Bahamas.

Only a matter of time now before President Trump dumps us into the bucket of Cuba-type failed states as far as U.S. foreign policy is concerned. And when that happens many Bahamians are going to miss being able to travel to the U.S. LMAO


sheeprunner12 4 months ago

True ............ these smuggling issues will impact future Bahamian "easy access" US immigration privileges that 98% of other countries do not enjoy ........ We better nip these Brazilian, African & Asian immigrants and their Bahamian conspirators in the bud


bogart 4 months ago

DECADES....AN DECADES......HUMAN TRAFFICKING.....GROUPS OF ILLEGAL ON BOATS.....MANY APPREHENDED......Soooooooooooooo........HOW MANY RING LEADERS ....ORGANIZERS...CAPTAINS OF VESSELS......FACILITATORS.....LANDLORDS PROPERTY OWNERS.................WHO EVER GETS CAUGHT...ARRESTED......?????????....except for the one woman who withheld one passport....and the one fella in Freeport caught harboring.....2 ..!!!!!!!??????.......DIS NEEDIN TO BE A SOVEREIGN NATION WID ENFORCING LAWS...!!!!!!!!!!.......NOT ONE REFEGEE CAMP LIKE AN REFEGEES TAKING OVER DA NATION..outsmarting most officials ...except the diligent workworking officials in Grand Bahama....GOOD WORK!!!


sheeprunner12 4 months ago

Our own people profiting off the immigrants being smuggled to the USA ... The migrants come here because they know a Bahamian can be paid to smuggle them into the USA ............The pirate mentality will be our own downfall.


Schemer18 4 months ago

They fighting to get out of Africa, & people from the western world are saying they are from Africa. Go to African then.


MaryMack53 4 months ago

This isn't anything new!


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