One Step At A Time

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

I remember when I started my 110-pound weight loss journey, how I would get so hung up on every time I “fell off the wagon”. You know, every time I had something that wasn’t on my meal plan, or I missed a workout. I would get so down on myself that I would question what was even the point of trying. Especially since I was going to fail again anyway. It’s crazy to think of how one bad decision would turn into two days of bad decisions, then a week, and before long I would have given up completely.

Then I came across a piece of material from life coach Tony Robbins, which said we only have power in the now. We don’t have power in the past to change what we did, and we don’t have power in the future. We only have power in this moment now. This led me to develop my perfect my one-decision-at-a-time strategy where I literally broke my health wellness and fitness journey down into one decision at a time. I also didn’t look at them as good or bad decisions. I just looked at them with the thought, “Is this going to get me closer to my goal or not?” As long as I was making more decisions that would get me closer to my goal then I would eventually hit the target.

We tend to get so caught up on the past, and so nervous about the future. I would be so upset with myself for eating all the food that I shouldn’t have at the buffet on the weekend and would give myself an anxiety attack thinking about the food at the family function next weekend. I would stress myself out going back and forth in my mind.

Realising that I only had power in the now removed those negative feelings and allowed me to be present in the moment. I had the power right now to make a decision that would lead me closer to my goals or take me further away.

We have to remember that we aren’t proficient in most of the things we are trying for the first time. That just like everything else in life it’s going to to take time to get good at it. So, as hard as it may seem, you can’t beat yourself up about things that you could have done better. Don’t take yourself to task because you had pizza or a conch snack, or both. Just make a better choice for your next meal. Don’t obsess about what is going to happen tomorrow at the staff luncheon, just take it one decision at a time and you will feel better. If you feel better, chances are you will do better too!

• If you need help navigating any part of your health, wellness and fitness process, you can contact Ethan Quant at ethan@elite-wellnesssolutions.com or on Instagram at @ethanquant.


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