Bahamian Provider Sponsors Summit

Bahamas-based Cloud Carib sponsored this month’s three-day Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) conference in Port of Spain to reinforce its emergence as a regional player.

The data manager, back-up and disaster recovery service provider said attendees - including Caribbean government ministers - were given access to the “FutureScape” through being issued with digital passports possessing unique identification features.

They were given a chance to access services allowing them to register a local business, obtain medical records online, and even purchase real estate using the FutureScape’s digital currency. These services were all made possible using information and communication technologies (ICT).

Mark Arruda, Cloud Carib’s vice-president of solutions, said: “Using the Estonia model with technology partners like Cybernetica, Cloud Carib is poised to assist governments in making it easier for citizens to get the services they need.”

“It’s important that ministers are driven to make interacting with government easier through digital transformation. Having regional partnerships with Cloud Carib, agencies are better equipped instead of outsourcing to the US.” 

Although the FutureScape experience was only a simulation, it was designed to show what is possible with a more efficient information and communications technology (ICT) space within the Caribbean if partnerships between government agencies and providers are capitalised on.

The FutureScape environment orchestrated a mock disaster scenario in which government and public emergency services were tested, and required to display resilience and innovation in the face of a natural disaster.

For the presentation, Cloud Carib partnered with Trinidad’s local Internet service provider, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) and bmobile, to demonstrate a failover where an application switches over to a redundant, stand-by server which would be activated during any abnormal interruption or termination of the previously active application or server.


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