Mitchell: FNM govt corrupt to the core

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell insisted the government was corrupt to its core as he blasted National Security Minister Marvin Dames on Friday.

Mr Mitchell was defending his party leader’s call for independent investigations into police-involved killings - a move Mr Dames called “disgraceful”.

Mr Dames accused Official Opposition leader Philip “Brave” Davis of mounting an “all-out attack” on the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Last week, police killed three men at a home on Newgate Road while executing a search warrant.

Mr Mitchell said: “All of the experts including the human rights organisations believe that it would be advisable to have independent investigations of police conduct. How is that suggestion by Mr Davis disgraceful?

"The only disgrace that we see is Mr Dames continued tenure as a Member of Parliament and the Minister of National Security."

When asked to respond to Mr Davis’ call for the government to have independent body investigate police-involved killings, Mr Dames accused Mr Davis of doing “absolutely nothing” while the latter served as deputy prime minister in the Christie administration.

Mr Dames added police shootings are “unfortunate”, however he said it is “even more unfortunate when others decide to be judge and jury even before the matter is investigated and placed before a court of law”.

On Friday, Mr Mitchell said: “Marvin Dames should shut his mouth. The very nerve of him, a disgraced and judicially condemned minister of the government, who should resign or be dismissed, calling the Leader of the PLP’s conduct disgraceful.

He added: “Mr Dames sits in a corrupt government. It is corrupt to its core. His conduct is the prime example of that corruption in the FNM.”


joeblow 4 years ago

Corrupt is one word all PLP's should have promised not to accuse anybody of ever again!


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 years ago

Not to worry, the Devil has one of the hottest places in Hell reserved for Mitchell.


birdiestrachan 4 years ago

The FNM takes the cake when it comes to corruption. hands down. What do they call OBAN? The lies about VAT and BAH MAR. and doc and his crew can lie faster than fish swim.

They live, sleep and sing corruption all day long. Not to mention almost one million per year Post office deal to one of their members. And they talk about all for me

Pay attention to the Arawak Port and now the cruise port. watch closely who the players are.


Dawes 4 years ago

I've always said each Government we've had is one of 3 types, They are either 1) useless, 2) Corrupt or 3) A bit of both. There is no way a country as blessed as ours is (due to location and our natural beauty) should not be doing very well for ALL it's citizens. The fact its not is due to this Government and those in the past being one of those 3. Which one they are is up to each person, but no doubt they are one of them.


TigerB 4 years ago

I imagine for there to be an independent body to investigate the police there has to be new legislation..under the Police Act officers investigate their own.... There was a ton of police shootings in the two previous governments... and this one too. This is the first time I hearing it called corruption...weird.


sheeprunner12 4 years ago

Police Service Commission has created this mess ......... Revise & amend that


Chucky 4 years ago

“Mr Dames added police shootings are “unfortunate”, however he said it is “even more unfortunate when others decide to be judge and jury even before the matter is investigated and placed before a court of law”.

Me Damea, it seems when cops are killing , they are the ones playing judge and jury.

Given the reputation of our police force , it would be prudent to have an independent body investigating , not just these cops killing, but many of their actions.

I’d like to see you get your ass beat by thugs, and then accept that the thugs are going to investigate wether their fellow thugs did anything, and wether they broke the law.

Only a fool would contemplate the team investigating itself.


sheeprunner12 4 years ago

We have to all stop and ask ................ What does the word "corrupt" mean to a PLP????


wayne 4 years ago

Fred Mitchell is making plenty sense...


DWW 4 years ago

Pot Kettle Black Anyone? is it just me? oh, oh well. So if the word to describe the FNM is corrupt, what word would you use to describe the PLP? fluffy?


licks2 4 years ago

Some people can only have eyes for the other man's wrong. . .Hypocritical man!!! Waste of time as a politician. . .too sensitive and childlike!! Petty party of corruptions. . .too many corruptions!! The PLP has rot its core out for the corruptions in their mid!! The FNM will go down that road as well in the future. . .AS ALL POLITICAL PARTIES DO AS THEY "FIND THEIR FOOTING IN GETTING AWAY WITH THINGS!! The FNM een reach there yet. . .they will. . .BUT THE PLP HAS ALREADY OUT LIVED IT USEFULNESS TO THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE. . .THEIR WHOLE SOUL IN THAT PARTY IS CORRUPTIONS. . .


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