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Roadside vendors do they have Health certificates? An ever increasing group of people just trying to make a dollar, but they are selling food - coconut juice, etc…are they not required to get a Food handlers certificate and display it?

Marijuana for personal use…totally unsurprised PM talking he supports legalising a ‘joint’ but as previous writer opined you have to legalise the source from where the individual is going to obtain his personal snatch!

Supermarkets…am I imagining things, but certain products have gone sky-high…all Pork items…Beef Steak…then there is the annoying unavailable products, the stores have computers surely there can be better management? Maxwell House decaffeinated out of stock everywhere…agent says three-weeks for a new supply…dah, you ain’t got computer? Food prices have inflated by six percent…and no relief!

Minister of Finance…when is a fee not a Tax? Ask yourself, sir! BP&L have been living on the wild side since 2017…time someone pulled them in and legitimatised their actions…BP&L has to go to a RFP to purchase anything…has BEST Commission approved LNG? Has URCA approved LNG? When was the RFP to manage new engines at Clifton? Oh that report on Ms Darnell Osborne…surely ready by now?



November 18, 2019


Sickened 11 months ago

Too many good questions and comments! You need to leave here for a better life.


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