Killings Go On As Another Man Dies


Tribune Staff Reporter 


POLICE are investigating another shooting incident that left a man dead Thursday afternoon, the fourth killing since Tuesday.

According to police, shortly before 3pm, a man was shot in Gamble Heights off Baillou Hill Road. Details on this incident were scarce up to press time however, the victim was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. 

This killing pushed the murder count to 85 for the year, according to The Tribune’s records.

Murders have increased compared to this period last year, when there were less than 80 killings reported at that time.

There have been seven recorded murders so far this month and four of those killings occurred within the last three days. 

About 16 hours before the most recent incident, police were investigating a shooting that left a man dead on Wednesday night. 

According to reports, shortly after 10pm, a man was standing outside a bar in Kennedy Subdivision, when the occupants of a grey vehicle pulled up and opened fire in his direction, fatally wounding him before speeding away.

Twelve hours before that, police were investigating a shooting that left two men in hospital and another dead. 

Shortly after 11am Wednesday, the men were standing in front of a building on Taylor Street in Nassau Village when an armed man approached and shot them. 

The assailant ran away, however the injured men were taken to hospital. Two of them were listed in stable condition, but the third, initially listed in  critical condition, died.

The day before, police were investigating a daylight shooting that left one man dead in the Wilson Track area.  

The incident took place shortly after noon at Spence Court off Wilson Track. 

According to Superintendent Shanta Knowles, a man was sitting on a log when a small, grey coloured vehicle pulled up and the occupants, all armed, opened fire in his direction, fatally wounding him before speeding away.

Last Sunday, police were investigating another killing after a man was stabbed to death on East Street that night.

According to reports, shortly after 9pm, the man was in the vicinity of Bahama Avenue when he got into an argument with two other men. The men stabbed him before getting into a pink coloured Nissan March and fleeing. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 

On Thursday, October 3, a man and a woman were killed in separate murders. 

In the first incident, a man died after he was shot in Fox Hill, police said.  

While that night, a woman died after being stabbed. 

Earlier that week, on Monday, September 30, police were investigating a drive-by shooting that left one man dead and another one injured in hospital.

Shortly after 4pm that day, two men were sitting outside a business on Charles Saunders Highway and Buttonwood Street when two armed men, in a grey coloured car, opened fire in their direction, hitting them before fleeing the scene. 

One man died at the scene while the other was taken to hospital and is listed in stable condition.

Investigations into these shootings continue.


Giordano 1 year, 6 months ago

The RBPF should be more focused on prevention rather than solving the problem of so many murders by addressing such matters while they are in the way to spiraling into a capital crime(Murder). This is addressing the so call "MINOR COMPLAINTS" immediately as it gets reported to "The Police Stations" or ASAP( As Soon As Possible). Certainly by the RBPF doing that ,they will stop people taking the law in their hands. Also the "Post-mortem" image of approaching crime of the RBPF will stop as well. It is very disgusting to see the Police,as institution,by nearly always exercising the wrong approach to crime and presenting themselves to the scene of crime in large quantity ,in front of TV-cameras, posting like officers of statistics department by saying the number of the victims for the year while the lifeless human body still on the pavement of the road. Post-mortem RBPF is unacceptable as well as the practice of them asking members of the public for information without giving any witness protection. That's another doo doo right there. Minors Complaints must be addressed immediately so members of the public feel encourage to be law abiding citizens and report matters to local Police Stations without any delay then we might be on the right track to be a nearly crime free society with officers complying mandatory reinforcing of the local inacted laws.


John 1 year, 6 months ago

The country is set to record triple digit murder as it is currently experiencing nine murders a month on average. The rapid succession of murders since September 01, has been clouded by all the attention given to Hurricane Dorian and other pressing matters in the country. But September, 2019 was one of the bloodiest (deadliest) months of 2019. And whilst police are yet to give a reason for this spike in murders, that is now into a second month, this recent victim was only sixteen. Some believe some of these murders are gang related where persons are being targeted only because they are affiliated with one gang or another. Some may now even know they are targeted and so take no precaution to avoid being gunned down. Obviously the police efforts to avoid these blatant killings is not working and they must rethink their strategy. The nature of gangs is to wreak havoc on a society and to kill members of opposing gangs. So merely associating with one gang or another, unknowingly makes a young man a target bf or murder.


mandela 1 year, 6 months ago

The RBPF and RBDF need to do more and better intel work they can find and bust a seed of cannabis which doesn't kill but dumbfounded when it comes to finding and taking guns which kills off the streets. NIA what is their purpose all kinds of agencies all kinds of people getting paid but nothing getting done no production? Just goes to show that our security forces are also running on D average


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