Exuma’S Christian Academy Shows Unrelenting Faith In God


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As a faith-based school, it is important for the Exuma Christian Academy to have Christian values are embedded in every facet of the learning experience they offer.

The Exuma Christian Academy (ECA) is the result of many years of prayer and fasting by multiple individuals who came together to forge a long-anticipated partnership and create a new school on the island of Exuma in Fall 2018.

The Academy was founded by Keniqua Burrows and family. Many other professionals in the fields of education, medicine and religion also played important roles in the formation of ECA – all with a desire to see God’s vision for Exuma fulfilled through children who are well-equipped to make an impact in their spheres of influence.

While student and faculty members worship at the school on a weekly basis, they look forward to opportunities to fellowship outside of the campus at least once a year.

This, they said, helps to strengthen the Academy’s family and reminds them that Christ is central to their growth and success as a school.

Just recently, students and faculty members visited the Palestine Union Baptist Church for the school’s annual church service.

“It was a significant event because it provided an opportunity for us to fellowship with other believers as encouraged by Holy Scripture. As a result, I am certain that those that attended were ministered to on a personal and unique level,” said Keniqua Burrows, director at Exuma Christian Academy and member of the Palestine Union Baptist Church.

“I was encouraged by Scripture to face the challenge that this academic year will bring with the knowledge that God is with our school and has great plans for us.”

Highlights of the service included a rendition of Marvin Sapps’s “More Than a Conqueror” performed by the Exuma Christian Academy students. Ms Burrows said it was very fitting because it aligned with the school’s main Bible verse: Romans 8:37-39.

As the school’s motto is “In unity and wisdom we forge ahead to conquer” and Rev Lynden Clarke’s message touched on conquering faith, Ms Burrows said the students were encouraged to defeat any Goliath – in the form of obstacles and hurdles – with courage and unrelenting faith in God.


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