A Comic's View: This Attempt To Muzzle The Media Is Laughable


ONCE again irony has collided with hypocrisy within the FNM, and it’s the perfect recipe for a good belly laugh.

When will this administration wake up, and realise that their knock off version of POTUS Donald Trump’s “fake news media” is an epic failure?

When will this administration remember, that regardless of how they feel about the media, in all it’s forms, that the media is still, and will always be, the fourth estate?

When will this administration realise, that today’s media, smart phones and other forms of modern technology in hand, will not be muzzled or denied?

In a nutshell, everyone’s favourite curmudgeon, Speaker of the House, Halston Moultrie’s recent attempt to muzzle the media in the House of Assembly was laughable at best.

“Where yinna gern?” like old people say.

Moultrie has morphed into the ‘Bully of the House,’ waging war on the media time and time again, in an obvious attempt to shield his FNM colleagues from public criticism and scrutiny in the public, for his administrations numerous shortcomings and in some cases failures.

It seems this time Moultrie has issue with reporters using cell phones in the HOA.

This past Wednesday, Moultrie ordered a reporter’s cellphone be turned over to a House clerk and the images deleted.

“In the gallery, the reporter – it is against the rules of this House and that has been explained when we had the disturbance in this House – for any reporter to use their cellphone in this chamber and to take photographs or videos in this chamber without the approval of the chair.”

“And so on this occasion I request that you turn your phone over to the clerk and to have that portion of the video that you just recorded deleted from your cell phone.”

“In future, seek the permission of the chair before you are permitted and allowed to take any video footage of the chamber.”

You can’t be serious ‘Hallie,’ it’s 2019, smart phones are an integral part of today’s media, especially for reporters.

Cell phones in the HOA weren’t a problem when the FNM was in opposition, and footage of PLP Ministers suffering from foot in mouth disease in the HOA made the rounds in all the dailies, and on the talk show circuit.

Now they are a problem?

Why have they become problematic ?

Is it because the FNM is now on the clock, and after numerous failures and few successes, in relation to campaign promises, the FNM doesn’t need footage of MPs picking their noses, checking their social media accounts, playing their favourite video games, texting numerous what’s app groups, holding private conversations amongst themselves, cracking jokes or just plain old diving conch leaking out to the masses?

Is this administrations lackluster performance really the media’s fault, is all the aforementioned poor behaviour in the hallowed halls of parliament caused by reporters using cell phones to perform their jobs?

I think not, and clearly this administration is looking for a scapegoat, something or someone to blame for its failing.

Maybe Moultrie and his fellow FNM colleagues should start in their own mirrors first, have some deep introspection and move forward, vowing to do the best they can for this country and the media, while they can. Because before you know it, silly season will be upon us again, and nothing is guaranteed!


sheeprunner12 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Naughty you missed the point ............ this is a matter of national security


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