Haitian Official: Evacuate Island - There's No Place To Live On Abaco


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HAITIAN Chargé D’Affaires Dorval Darlier has urged the Minnis administration to evacuate as many people as possible to New Providence as there is no place for them to live in Abaco.

While he said the Haitian government has given him the green light to assist in any way possible, Mr Darlier said those in Abaco would be better off in the capital. Many Haitians who resided in The Mudd shanty town in Abaco, which was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian, are now in deplorable conditions, forced to take shelter in the few surviving structures, like the government complex in Marsh Harbour.

Many of them are packed into offices in the complex, sleeping on the floor and desks. There is no electricity or running water in the building. When The Tribune was on the island this week, this newspaper witnessed storm victims in unhygienic conditions, due to people urinating and defecating in open areas and being forced to bath in rain water.

Wet clothes were hung out to dry on the railings of the building.

Aware of the immediate need for help, Mr Darlier said he did not know how many people in the Haitian community were left without homes.

“If there is no place for them to stay, you have to bring those people here or make shelter for them,” Mr Darlier said when he was asked if evacuations from Abaco were needed. “Even if I bring some goods down there, where are they going to shelter? Where are they going to live?

“I think the best plan what the government can do is move. Those they can move from Abaco make a shelter for them here for them to give them assistance for whatever they need.”

Mr Darlier said now is not the time for flag colours or to highlight who is Haitian and who is Bahamian.

“Everybody is in need. It’s not about Bahamians, it’s not about Haitians, it’s not about the flag colour as the prime minister has said.

“It’s all about to help. Whatever it is, I am going to charter a plane right now. I don’t even need to go to the US. So whatever I can find in Super Value I will put them on the plane.

“I have the funds right there. The government gave me the green light to go. That’s what I am here for.”

Mr Darlier said Haitians and Bahamians have all contacted him for help.

“The president in Haiti he tell me whatever I have in the embassy just put it to assist the people who are in need down there.

“I received a lot of calls this morning. I received calls from the Haitian Bahamians. I received calls from the Haitians down there even from the Bahamians because I was live on Facebook and they told me they are in need.

“I think the government should know that there is a lot of people in Treasure Cay – that’s why I put on my Facebook ‘SOS in Treasure Cay.’ There is a group of people stuck down there who really need help.”

• The call for evacuation was mirrored by people at airports in Abaco last night, with locals urging the government to undertake a major airlift to take people off the island.


TalRussell 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Has comrades populaces elected government lost its grip on governing, yes, no .... Papa Hubert and Perry C, the populaces needs your voices cause it seems Brave has foolishly fallen hook, line, and sinker under PM's, poor judgement spell .... Is government hiding deathly statistics from populaces ....


joeblow 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Why can't Haiti repatriate their own citizens to their homeland? Are they entitled to stay here at our expense? Nonsense!

We seem to forget that it was Haitian disregard for our immigration laws and building codes that would have contributed significantly to the deaths experienced in this hurricane. We must be humane, but we must look out for our own first!


BigBubba 5 months, 2 weeks ago

So you're assuming because they live in the mud they're not Bahamian Citizens? This should be interesting.

So are also to assume Bahamians dont migrate to other countries illegally? This storm has taught us nothing. We really need to humble ourselves in this island nation. When God bring the prideful low, it's the same humble ones who will extend a helping hand.


joeblow 5 months, 2 weeks ago

@BigBubba The vast majority of inhabitants in the Mudd and Pigeon Pea are NOT Bahamian (fact #1).

If illegal Bahamian immigration is a thing, it still pales in comparison to the volume of immigrants dispersed abroad by our neighbors to the south (fact #2).

This storm has taught us a lot including the stupidity of not enforcing immigration laws and building codes in this country. Had we done both, the death toll would be significantly lower when the final numbers are revealed, that should be obvious (fact #3)!

The "humble ones" to which you referred were responsible for most of the looting and home invasions that occurred after the storm. I have a relative in Abaco who was put out of his home by a group of these "humble" thugs! Personally, I have no problem with LEGAL immigration or a persons country or origin, but it is certainly not "humble" to illegally enter another mans country or home!

Lastly, whenever citizens of a country are in another country ravaged by man made or natural disasters, their birth country seeks to repatriate them. It is to this dictum I was referring.


BigBubba 5 months, 2 weeks ago

The know all still rambles on.......

So he still ignores the fact that Bahamians do it to and the fact that a Bahamian is most likely benefiting from The Haitians being in the Mudd and Pigeon Pea. He calls it "pales". Typical response .If you care so much about the Haitians getting sent home, then why dont you charter a plane and take them? Bahamians were looting to Mr. Clueless. Watch the videos before replying!

I never said they were the humble ones, I was stating the humble ones come to our rescue. You have to learn to read to understand not read to reply.

You seem clueless as to what I said to you.Flew right over your head. Just a bunch of rambling on. Everyone seem to have a "solution" to a problem. But we all know most Bahamians have no plan of action just words. If they did we wouldn't be in the state we're in. Did you go out and donate anything? Probably not.

I will allow you to continue this fantasy you have in your mind.


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