Focol 'Relentless' In Fuel Supply Restoration

BISX-listed FOCOL Holdings says it has been "relentless" in its efforts to restore fuel supplies and facilities on Abaco in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian's devastation.

Anthony Robinson, the company's president and chief executive, said: "Our hearts are broken for the people of Abaco, and our commitment to the restoration of fuel services on the island is unquestionable. Since the passage of Hurricane Dorian, and now, our team of dedicated professionals have been relentless in their commitment to provide quality petroleum products to the community of Abaco."

Mr Robinson led a Sun Oil team on an assessment of Abaco immediately after Dorian's passage. "Once the all-clear was given, our team conducted an aerial assessment of our sites and facilities," he explained. "Then we got on the ground to inspect our equipment, and executed our response plan in the face of this catastrophic disaster."

The FOCOL Holdings chief said a chartered barge was sent to Abaco on September 7 with mobile fuel dispensing units and other supplies to restore services. He added that Sun Oil personnel were dispatched from New Providence to assist with on-going repairs and restoration work at the terminal and other sites on Abaco.

Clinton Rolle, Sun Oil's deputy general manager, said: "Following the catastrophic devastation of Hurricane Dorian, we recognised that our terminal and service stations were significantly impacted.

"However, we were undeterred given that our fuel storage tanks withstood the storm's impact. This allowed for us to assess resident and government needs, and position ourselves for the expedient delivery of quality petroleum products."

Sun Oil positioned mobile fuelling dispensers for Abaco residents, and the company was able to offer fuel relief to the government and other stakeholders on the island.

Dexter Adderley, Sun Oil's managing director, added: "Through a strategically initiated collaboration with the Government of The Bahamas we were among the first to provide fuel for emergency and rescue personnel on the ground. This enabled them to fulfill essential tasks for rescue and restoration efforts.

"Sun Oil provided fuel for Bahamas government vehicles, along with vehicles operated by the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. We have since established a designated mobile dispensing station to meet the specific needs of the Government of The Bahamas."

Mr Adderely continued: "Our teams on the ground moved expediently to provide fuel for Aliv to ensure the on-going operation of their cellular tower. We have delivered fuel to the Marsh Harbour Airport Authority for civil aviation purposes, and supported Bahamas Power and Light with fuel for operation of their vehicles."

As recovery operations continue, residents can access fuel from service stations throughout Abaco in the communities of Dundas Town, Hope Town, Marsh Harbour and Sandy Point. Mr Rolle confirmed: "We have an adequate supply of fuel on the island of Abaco, and we will meet the needs of our sites as the recovery and restoration process continues."

Mr Robinson said, "As a Bahamian-owned company we embrace our responsibility to provide quality petroleum products, especially during a national crisis of this enormous magnitude.

"We will continue to demonstrate that we care about the community of Abaco, we are invested in the recovery process and we are committed to doing our part towards fuelling journeys that matter."


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 months ago

As charitable as Anthony Robinson may try to sound, it's well known that FOCOL/Shell is billing the government (Bahamian taxpayers) for every drop of fuel that it possibly can, knowing that the private sector in the eastern part of Grand Bahama and in the central and northern parts of Abaco has essentially been wiped out. And Snake of course would rather our national debt soar than have FOCOL/Shell dig into its own (his) pockets by way of charitable contributions of fuel for any lengthy period of time.


DonAnthony 4 months ago

Kudos to Focol for being a great corporate citizen and ensuring fuel is available for the rebuild in Abaco and Grand Bahama as quickly as possible. Focol is a Bahamian company with thousands of Bahamian shareholders unlike the other fuel companies that are foreign owned and refuse to offer Bahamians an opportunity to invest and benefit from the profits made in their own country. Think about that the next time you pull into a gas station.


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 months ago

If only you knew more about the real bookkeeping that goes on for the gasoline tax.


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