Myron Rolle On Front Line In Covid-19 Fight


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ONE of the many medical professionals on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Bahamian Rhodes Scholar, former NFL player, and future neurosurgeon, Myron Rolle has continued to document his experience for various media outlets.

Rolle has used his platform as a neurosurgery resident at Massachusetts General Hospital on ESPN, TMZ Sports and the Athletic to bring further awareness and bridge the gap between the worlds of sports and medicine.

Massachusetts health officials reported a total of 4,257 coronavirus cases on Saturday.

“I went down to the emergency department, and as I was walking through the emergency department I was seeing so many individuals with respiratory distress and respiratory compromise, and the numbers are staggering,” Rolle told ESPN. “Our neurosurgical floor has been transformed into a floor just for COVID-19 patients.”

The continued exponential rise of COVID-19 patients has funnelled all resources toward fighting the disease.

“We’re right now struggling for bed space and personnel to take care of the surge and influx of COVID-19 patients that are just knocking down the door,” Rolle told TMZ Sports.

“They’ve tried to recruit neurosurgery residents and nurse practitioners to sort of help out in the surge. So it’s sort of an all-hands-on-deck deal right now.”

In the early stages of the COVID-19 rise in Massachusetts, Rolle discussed the resolve toward aggressive containment measures with the Athletic.

“I’m sure exposure has already happened. Testing was behind, so I believe the number of people infected (even asymptomatic) is a lot higher than they’re reporting. My role now is just to stay as healthy as possible by getting good rest, staying hydrated, wearing protective gear when in contact with known patients,” he said. “Most of the primary players right now are anesthesiologists given the respiratory demise seen in these patients. And obviously we work with anesthesia every day for our cases. We also consult in the Emergency Department often, so we develop relationships with this team as well. They are the front porch of our hospital and have to triage these patients effectively.”

In his third-year as a MGH neurosurgery resident, he said the dedication and approach he took to the field has carried over in the field of medicine.


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