Three More Cases Of Covid-19 Confirmed – 24 In Total


The Ministry of Health has confirmed there are three additional confirmed cases of COVID-19.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 24. Currently, there are five confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Grand Bahama, 18 in New Providence and one from the island of Bimini.

The newly confirmed cases are as follows:

• Case #22 is a 79-year-old man and a resident of New Providence with no history of travel.

• Case #23 is an 80-year-old man and a resident of Grand Bahama with no history of travel.

• Case #24 is a nine-year-old girl of New Providence with no history of travel, and is a direct link to Case #8.

Health officials continue to follow the condition of the other 21 COVID-19 positive cases. Case #17 is under investigation, and Case #18 has now been hospitalised in Intensive Care. 

Members of the public are once again reminded to follow the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Order announced by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis to reduce the spread of the virus, including physical distancing. 


joeblow 11 months ago

Many Bahamians have shown themselves to be complete idiots who think they are on holiday, so obviously the rates of infection and subsequent deaths must increase. I stood on a line for the grocery store today and observed people standing next to each other as though they were at a social event with barely any space between them. There were also couples and parents with two or more grown children on the lines and shopping in the store, in spite of the PMs declaration that there be ONE designated shopper per house. With this kind of idiocy, things will have to get much worse before it gets better. It is now clear that we, the Bahamian people are our own worse enemy!


hj 11 months ago

Some people visit 3-4 different food stores everyday along with their entire families. The more these fools keep doing this the more people will get sick and the more the curfew will be extended. Some even claim that they don't have to work anymore because NIB will take care of them. Seriously,are there so many idiots in this country?


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