Bahamas Esports Federation host League of Legends community national team trials

THE Bahamas Esports Federation, which is now a part of the International Esports Federation, hosted its League of Legends community national team trials over the weekend.

The federation, which provides a form of sports competition using video games, noted in a press release that with thousands of eyes on their event from across the world and even in places like Nigeria and Japan, they were satisfied with their results.

“Based on player performances, mentality, passion and other factors, we have picked from those who played to be a part of both Team A Lusca and Team B Chickcharney,” the release said. “Together, these teams will improve and create a better Team Bahamas.

“Moving forward, we will continue to host national qualifiers and tryouts in different regions as the communities grow and as we expand our efforts into growing esports in the Bahamas. We will also continue to have official international scrims with countries, much of which from around the world are eager to compete against us.”

From the trials, Team A comprised of the following:

TOP - JKF - (Jonathan Kelly); MID - Vtalis (Arthur Penn); Jungle - RuBz (Robert Smith); ADC - Focus Him Please (Tristan White) and Support - RawrMuffin (Chaz Swan).

Team B comprised of the following:

TOP - After3rlmage (Seth Sweeting); MID - Bahamas (Cameron Wong); Jugle - Riga Stargazar (Floyd Bethel); ADC - Natty Dred (Eric Wilcombe) and Support - Rewna (Anwer Curry).

“Holding these events online during the coronavirus outbreak has allowed our country to keep active and entertained while both playing and watching these events online on places like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook,” the release stated.

“While having events in person gives a different experience, even sports who have in person, events have started moving online during this time and that only shows the dynamics of how eports can keep moving the needle forward.”

The federation also stated in its release that they are proud to be a part of the IESF.

“The development of esports both locally and internationally is important to us, along with the means to do so,” the release stated. “This unified system where we can develop and synthesize efforts among the countries is something we are happy to be a apart of.”

As the national federation for esports, one of our main goals of the BESF is to expand Bahamian esports to a global stage. On that stage, they hope to come together as a country and pit their skills against other countries.

To this end, the federation has been working to connect with other countries through the various international bodies of which they are members.


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