Disabled Mother Cooking Up A Treat


Jasmine Frazer


Tribune Staff Reporter


A YOUNG disabled mother, who wants to help those in need amid the COVID-19 crisis, will be providing 300 hot meals every Friday for people in the community.

Jasmine Frazer, 36, said the initiative, “Ma’s Meals” which launches today, was inspired by the recent death of her grandmother, but mostly by the events surrounding the COVID-19 virus. After seeing a great need within local communities due to the pandemic, Ms Frazer said she knew she had to help in whatever way possible.

She told The Tribune yesterday: “After the pandemic happened, I was inspired to do this because I noticed that the conversation in WhatsApp groups spoke about persons not practicing social distancing and too many people are at the store and too many people are on lines trying to get assistance.

“And so, I tried to get people to understand that some people are doing what they need to do to survive. …There are so many people that go to bed hungry on a daily basis and so I challenged all of my friends and family to at least help one person, help one person with a disability and help one elderly person or help one person in need.”

She said her call for action started out small and she was able to help three families at first. The initiative has grown, meaning she can help more people.

Ms Frazer, who was in a car accident about three years ago, said she is a part of several organisations for disabled people, which has allowed her to reach out to those in need of assistance.

As a special needs’ person, she said it’s not easy having to adjust to the new realities brought on by COVID-19.

The virus, she said, has also caused panic among those in the disabled community, some of whom are now reluctant to leave their homes due to fear.

“It makes you more reluctant to seek healthcare or medical attention if something is wrong because you’re just thinking of actually having to make contact with anyone else that may already have the disease.

“So, you’re extra reluctant to leave the house.”

This, she added, is one of the reasons why volunteers will be delivering the meals to individuals instead of distributing them on-site.

She said St Agnes Parish has allowed her to use its industrial kitchen to prepare the meals.

Ms Frazer said volunteers will also be distributing care packages over the coming weeks, which will include non-perishable food items and toiletries.


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