Davis Blasts The Government For Its 'Failure


PLP Leader Philip "Brave" Davis.

PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis labelled the Minnis administration a failure over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the new lockdown is “only necessary because of a series of specific mistakes” made by the government.

Mr Davis also voiced frustration with Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ recent revelation that ICU beds are full, saying months into this crisis more should have been done to shore up healthcare capacity.

“A lockdown is a blunt instrument, a last resort, when everything else has failed,” Mr Davis said in a statement yesterday. “And the government has failed. The prime minister announced a date for opening our borders, then failed to sufficiently adjust policies ahead of that date, even though cases in the US, and especially in Florida, were exploding.

“. . .We asked questions about the nation’s ability to test, trace and isolate dozens of times,” he said. “No answers were given.”

He also took aim at Dr Minnis’ frequent national addresses, while shying away from regular press conferences where he can face questions from the media.

“For weeks, the prime minister has used these national addresses as a crutch, a way to issue orders but shield himself from tough questions from the media. I am furious to learn that our ICU beds are full. A patient with COVID-19 can require weeks of critical care treatment. What will happen to those being diagnosed now with the virus? Where will they go when they need critical care? It is indefensible that the government waited until this moment to act. In the meantime, doctors and nurses are being treated as disposable.

“We are months into this crisis. How is it that the government has failed to support and protect them? Earlier lockdowns, in which economic activity was stopped, at enormous cost to small businesses and families, bought the government some time to act. They should have used that time to upgrade our hospitals and clinics to meet this moment of crisis.”

He outlined a series of questions he thinks the government should answer about testing capacity and contact tracing.

Mr Davis and members of the opposition were invited to a health briefing at Cabinet on Monday. He said the group was given “a limited opportunity to ask a few questions about the current state of infections”.

He added: “My colleagues were then asked to leave so that the prime minister and the Cabinet could decide how to proceed. Our views were not invited. The prime minister’s implication in his statement last night that he made a joint decision with the opposition is not true. We were simply given information a few hours ahead of the general public. That is not consultation and it is not collaboration.”

He also said the government must reduce the suffering the lockdown will bring and take steps so that future lockdowns are not necessary.


WETHEPEOPLE 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Davis has a point here. The media should be able to question the competent authority as to his decissions. Without the ability to ask the tough and uncomfortable questions, we are indeed being guided by a dictator.


The_Oracle 6 months, 3 weeks ago

He has a few good points. However it does not mean he would have done any better. In fact it would almost certainly have been worse. Competency is not measured by the ability to criticize.


WETHEPEOPLE 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Well you can only assume Davis would have done worst, as you have no proof to support your claim.


moncurcool 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Oh yes we have plenty of proof. Just look at what he has done in representing Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador all these years as MP and his tenure as M minister of Works. If you are not able to produce in the little things, do you think one can produce in the big ones?


Cobalt 6 months, 3 weeks ago

What in the world do you me he “has no proof to support his claim???” You can’t be serious! Have you been living in the Bahamas for the past 10 years??? Nobody with sense listens to anything Brave Davis has to say.


ISpeakFacts 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Its almost impossible to be worse than Hurricane Minnis, Minnis left our borders open to China early on, he then kept our borders open to the U.S allowing Spring Breakers all over our country when the virus was spreading quickly in the U.S, we're still short on ICU beds and PPE, no mass testing or contact tracing, ABC grocery shopping, foolish lockdowns causing mass panic, still no transparency, and then the most foolish decision to open our borders AGAIN to the U.S when they are breaking records daily!

Anyone with an actual brain knows that Minnis handled this chinese virus in the worst possible way!


ceemoss 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Yes, this government has made some missteps that, in MY VIEW, has cause us to become stagnant and fall back on our advancement. However, if we continue doing and saying the same things, we will get the same results!!

We need a national quarantine center so it can be monitored 24/7. Enforcement of this is needed as it seems as if 'trusting' some people to self quarantine is not the answer. We cannot keep locking down as we are to dependent on others and that's not changing in the near future. We have to start working now on being self sufficient.

I have not worked since March but I am thankful everyday to almighty God for his provision and protection for me and my Family. I pray that God would empower our leaders with the wisdom and knowledge for the trails and tribulations ahead. I pray for Families of loved ones lost, restoration to those who are sick and those who are well to follow protocols and to do what is necessary to not get covid19.

In Jesus...Amen


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