Web Designer Sees Covid Work Uptick


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A web design and marketing firm yesterday said its development of online applications and e-commerce platforms has generated significant growth for it amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Randia Coakley, Azulify’s creative director, told Tribune Business: “During COVID-19 we have had a lot of inquiries about online placement and online sales, because what I have seen is that people want to make sure that when they do introduce the concept of e-commerce, they want to make sure that it is secure and done with a local bank.

“So we have a lot of those, and another thing I think that has been a big thing I am happy for is that a lot of people are realising that you can do stuff virtually; you do not physically meet a person.”

She added: “For example, with our work with the Bahamas Development Bank, we met with them prior to the COVID-19 lockdown and were in the process of doing their work during the lockdown. It was then that they realised the importance of the application process.

“So their online application process for all of their loans is now 100 percent virtual, and there is no more reason for physical paperwork and anyone having to be face-to-face because now, with COVID-19, they realise the need. If we don’t have to, we shouldn’t, because of health reasons. Showing the ease and the possibilities of doing it online, I think, is the best part of what happens for businesses here in the country.”

Besides assisting the BDB with its online loan applications process launch, Azulify also aided shipping company, Cubix Bahamas Ltd, with its online payment platform. Other clients include Scotiabank and the Ministry of Education.

Ms Coakley added: “I think the benefit of this second phase is that we have seen what occurred during the first phase, so a lot of businesses were already prepared by having a website and being able to do curbside delivery, or having the ability to do delivery and understanding the value of being online previously. They have been able to roll out instantly, or they are in preparation to roll it out with their version during the lockdown and after the lockdown.”

“Right now, everything we have been doing since COVID-19 has been website development, particularly with e-commerce and online applications to cut down face time.”


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