Frustration begins to show in Grand Bahama


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Going into the fifth consecutive week of lockdowns in Grand Bahama, some residents are feeling a bit frustrated while others believe it is for the protection of all.

One Grand Bahama resident agrees the extended lockdowns are not comfortable, but the “health and well-being of the country” is a priority.

“As a nation, we have to take precautions to protect every single person of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,” she said. “It is not a comfortable position to be in, however, our health and well-being come first.”

On announcing the immediate full lockdown for New Providence on Monday evening - subsquently abandoned - The Prime Minister also extended the two-week lockdown to August 19, for another week in Grand Bahama, which will be entering its fifth-week lockdown.

The resident believes the government is acting within the provisions of the Bahamas Constitution concerning Emergency Powers COVID-19 Orders 2020.

“I think we should stand together as a nation and support each other, and be very careful of how we look after our own health as well as others by complying with the Emergency Orders presented for the welfare of people by the government. That is the only way we will survive through this epidemic,” she said.

An East Grand Bahama resident said a solution is needed to bring some balance to the current situation.

“A solution must be administered that leaves rooms for economic activity while simultaneously taking safety into account,” he said.

The resident believes that “non-essential” workers are the ones who are suffering.

“While essential workers and decision-makers continue receiving paycheques rain or shine, the masses deemed non-essential empty out their bank accounts, lose businesses, default on loans, get evicted, can’t feed their families, and more,” he said.

A young male resident of Freeport hopes this is the final set of lockdowns.

“I agree with this final set of lockdowns to stop people from moving about, but there must be a more creative way than lockdowns,” he said.

The resident said that Hubcat monitoring for COVID positive persons should be implemented in GB, as well as the testing of swab samples in Freeport.

A resident of central Grand Bahama was very frustrated over the ongoing lockdowns.

She noted that many single parents, particularly mothers who are unemployed, and retired pensioners are being severely affected.

“The majority of Bahamian people are living pay cheque to pay cheque at no fault of theirs. You cannot lock people up and do not expect for them to prepare. I don’t see anyone being against the locking up if is it necessary,” she said.

The resident said persons who are obeying the law should not be punished for those who are not, and spreading the virus.

“They need…to deal with the problematic people who are causing it. What are you going to do? Keep locking us down like a yo-yo? You have to address the issue of those who are not disciplined and control them.”

The woman said that law-abiding citizens are becoming frustrated and irritated. Those found not following proper protocols should be arrested, jailed, or put under house arrest, she suggested.

“Our nation has to move on, we are at a crossroads where we have no money, and every time we close down companies have to layoff people,” she said.

The resident indicated that while the focus is on health, the lockdown situation is stressful and can lead to chronic conditions as well as anxiety, mental problems, and even suicides among healthy citizens.


DWW 3 years, 9 months ago

minnis still collecting every dime of his $150,000 salary


TigerB 3 years, 9 months ago

I see these GB foodstore, Costrite, Sawyers and Solomon''s, have long lines every day...Are people really broke?


ruthlene47@hotmail.com 3 years, 9 months ago

I agree thatsomething must be done, but the cures that are out there our governmsnt does not want to try, especially if China is against it. It saddens me how after what China did and continues to do to small countris,our government is stillin bed with them.


Marco 3 years, 9 months ago

All y'all are idiots y'all don't want to read and do your research about nothing this is not the first pandemic that ever happened jackasses


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