Munroe to file more legal action against PM

Attorney Wayne Munroe, QC. (File photo)

Attorney Wayne Munroe, QC. (File photo)


Tribune Chief Reporter


ATTORNEY Wayne Munroe told The Tribune he plans to file more legal action against Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis after a group of people were arrested yesterday for protesting against New Providence’s immediate seven-day lockdown.

He suggested Dr Minnis would be sued in his personal capacity.

“I have now determined, having looked at the law, that the next set of actions that we file that may arise out of these arrests…that will be against him (Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis) and his personal capacity,” Mr Munroe said.

“The money comes from his bank account and not the Public Treasury. If you want to walk the walk you have to be able to write the cheque.

“We continue to say there is no state of emergency and that the emergency regulations are unconstitutional.”

Regarding the new seven-day lockdown which Dr Minnis later walked back, Mr Munroe said it is an act of ruling by “dictate”.

Mr Munroe said the lockdown would adversely impact the poor, the community Dr Minnis says he understands.

Mr Munroe continued: “The prime minister. . .always has this big thing about (how) he grew up Over-the-Hill and knows the struggle of people Over-the-Hill.

“If that is so, pray tell me how can you say that you are going to lock people in their homes for seven days when they don’t have running water? That sounds like a man who either does not know or does not care.

“He talks greatly about him from being Over-the-Hill so one must know that he knows that there are people without running water. He should know because there are some people after his previous orders were arrested and fined for going to the pump outside of curfew hours.

“…And it’s not just in the inner city. There are some who live in these middle income subdivisions whose water is off and they have no running water and then he does this without notice.

“They’re the ones who tell us don’t pay attention to the rumors. They say get your information from government sources. If you didn’t pay attention to the rumours and you didn’t fill your water you have nothing.

“(He) doesn’t seem to care. It’s just amazing but that is what happens when you are privileged and you only care about privileged people because I couldn’t imagine that somebody around him couldn’t say ‘but chief how are people without running water going to make it?’”

Last week, The Tribune reported that Mr Munroe is representing 21 people who are suing Dr Minnis for matters related to the state of emergency and COVID-19 regulations.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Mr Munroe asked the Supreme Court to make an order quashing the criminal complaints against those people who have been charged and convicted of breaching the emergency (COVID-19) orders.


DDK 2 years, 7 months ago

Can't say I blame those filing. This man has wreaked havoc on a country and its people, People whose Time it was meant to be when he was erroneously appointed Prime Minister of The Bahamas...


Shelly22 2 years, 7 months ago

File all they want Bahamians need to wake up and change with the times learn how to adapt to survive or get sick and die we running out of nurses and hospital beds


whogothere 2 years, 7 months ago

over 500 people die Every year in the Bahamas due to diseases related to poor diet and and lack of exercise - proportionately a much more severe burden on The health care system - are you advocating that we ban fried chicken next?


hrysippus 2 years, 7 months ago

Desperate to achieve a position of political power, some people will do anything even if it could lead to the more rapid spread of covid19.


thps 2 years, 7 months ago

Each power exercised by the government needs to be lawful. If the government made no error the courts will rule as such. If the government didn't gazette the order or is breaking a rule of law, then they are at fault.

Our system allows for the executive to be challenged.

If Munroe's case is valid it means the government erred in the view of the judiciary and it wrongly exercised its powers.

If he loses, no harm and the government continues and can point to the court as affirming its powers. It also holds the government to account. if it knows that QCs are out there examining the lawfulness then they will be more likely to double and triple-check their orders. The government has an army of lawyers in the OPM. An average citizen does not.


Michelle242 2 years, 7 months ago

Really cant believe how short-sighted people are.


tribanon 2 years, 7 months ago


Citizens in a constitutional parliamentary democracy such as ours need not all be lawyers to sense when their most basic rights and liberties are being wrongfully trampled or removed by a government that has over-stepped its authority.

I'm told that because we are a Commonwealth Country, the emergency powers granted to the Competent Authority (Minnis) by our Governor-General, as Her Majesty's representative to The Bahamas, are seen to flow from the Throne of Queen Elizabeth herself. Can you imagine any circumstance under which Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would ever be supportive of Minnis decreeing orders that would have effectively resulted in many Bahamians being deprived of the most essential basic items like food, water and medicines? Common sense alone says that situation should never ever be allowed to arise, and the Bahamian people well know it!


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