Christmas Gifts For Your Best Gal Pals


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THROUGH thick and thin, real friends are there for one another. From sharing mutual hobbies to organising play dates with each other’s kids, or just picking up the phone to simply vent after an exhausting day - positive female friends have proven to be important for a woman’s mental well-being.

This year more than ever, expressing love to family and friends has gotten many through the roller coaster that has been 2020 - a year that will go down in history due to the global COVID- 19 pandemic.

Tribune Woman spoke to a number of Bahamian women who shared their thoughts on celebrating their female friends with exciting and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

“So much has changed this year and with this there are quite a number of my friends that relocated into new home spaces. So this kind of narrowed down my thinking process in what to get some of them,” said Patricia Deal. “Whether their move was for downsizing purposes or whatever the case is, I want to do my part in making them happy.”

She said most of her girl friends are into home decor items, so that’s given her a roadmap. Patricia has purchased everything from candles to wall art and faux plants to give to friends.

“I love making people smile on a regular basis, and I know this will certainly make their day - which in the end makes me happy. It’s been rough, as many may know. But we are still making the best out of each of our situations. And on another note of giving and gifting, my girl friends and I are all in a WhatsApp group chat and friends circle, and collectively we all decided to pool together funds to donate to a family in need this Christmas holiday. Our biggest goal this year is doing what we can to bring about some sort of cheer this holiday season,” said Patricia.

With the lack of travel opportunities this year, Bahamian Jessica Rolle had already made up in her mind that she wanted to solely focus on shopping local for the holidays.

“I usually always do this but I have to admit that is it never on a large scale. So whenever I come across an interesting post or flyer from a small Bahamian business, I usually save it on my Instagram or Facebook page. Vendors like Pursenal Paradise, Crab Toes, Bahari, or even a gift certificate or voucher to a local food vendor. My girlfriends would absolutely adore and appreciate those gifts. And I will also pick up a few things for myself. So while getting these beautiful gifts it also makes me feel warm inside to do my part in supporting the Bahamian small business communities,” said Jessica.

Veronica G. said this year she spent a lot of her down time binge-watching some of her favourite shows. And as she is normally always the only one with the actual Netflix subscription, her gift this year to her best friend, who is also her sister, is to get her a Netflix gift card.

“She is always on my account, so I said I can get her started on her own. With the gift card she can redeem it for her very own plan of choice. Man, I can’t wait for her to see what I have in store. When I give gifts, what I look forward to most is that bubbly feeling I get when I see others happy. I enjoy doing that for my family and close friends. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be who I am today,” said Veronica.


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