Conference Seeks To Show Women How To Love Themselves

Women attend a previous Love Yourself Holistically event.

Women attend a previous Love Yourself Holistically event.


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Shena C Johnson wants every woman to know one vital thing about herself: “You’re worth it”.

This message is also the theme of the third annual Love Yourself Holistically (LYH) conference which starts this Friday at SuperClub Breezes.

Led by Ms Johnson, LYH is a nonprofit organisation which was formed by a group of women who say they are chosen by God to carry out a specific task: to reach young girls and women on a spiritual level.

“Far too many women are hurting deeply, looking for love in all the wrong places. With much haste they are aggressively looking for affirmation, money, security and sex. The Lord asked me to move with urgency and start planning a conference just for women. For a moment I was in disbelief and not sure it was God. I didn’t clearly understand the instruction from God until I asked Him for confirmation. I made direct contact with three women during that same week who were in despair, hurting, and looking to be delivered. The only thing I knew I could do was pray and act in obedience to God immediately,” Ms Johnson told Tribune Woman.

In the past she had only attended conferences, so she didn’t know where to begin planning one.

“I breathed deeply and started putting things in place as the Holy Spirit led. I prayed for a discerning spirit and God just moved...As the Lord declared holistically, I immediately started looking for licenced professionals that would meet the needs of all aspects of a woman’s life,” she said.

She found women to minister to the soul, minister in song, women to share their personal experiences with hurt and disappointment; she also found gynaecologists, heart specialists, paediatricians, dieticians, physiotherapists, beauticians, sex therapists, attorneys, and more.

This year, the three-day Love Yourself Holistically conference will feature international guest speakers like Minister Faithe DesChamps of Power Pusher, South Carolina; Chaplain Dr Wanda Davis of Orlando, Florida, and breakthrough prayer and group sessions for couples and singles led by Davonia Josey-Williams, Latanya Maynard, Pastor Terrance and Terrell Forbes, Dr Dorita Francis-Phillips and Dr Joseph Evans.

Highlights will also include a praise and worship session led by the Love Yourself Holistically praise team and visiting Psalmist Christine Finley of Freeport, Grand Bahama.

A gala banquet will take place on Saturday, February 15, under the theme “A Night with the King” where entertainment will be provided by the Royal Bahamas Police Force Pop Band, vocalists Anna Calixte and Christine Finley, saxophonist Dr Floyd Carter and trumpeter Lemuel Johnson. There will also be food, prizes, surprises and lots of fun, Ms Johnson promised.

“God has moved in ways I could not have imagined. I believe with all my heart because of my obedience many women were delivered by God Himself. Chains were broken and hearts were turned to God. Understanding your worth is very important to God. We have a tendency of allowing people to depreciate or define us and our reason for existing. Attending this retreat exposes the fact that we are priceless and of great value,” she said.


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