Lewis Warns Building Codes Will Be Firmly Enforced


State Minister for Disaster Reconstruction Iram Lewis.


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WITH an estimated $3.4bn in losses and damage caused by Hurricane Dorian in the northern Bahamas, State Minister for Disaster Reconstruction Iram Lewis has warned there will be a review and more “aggressive” approach in enforcing the building code.

He also indicated that in reviewing the code, recommendations likely could arise for “no build” and “restrictive building” in some vulnerable areas.

While speaking during the launch of the Small Homes Repair Programme in Grand Bahama on Monday, Mr Lewis stressed the toughening and enforcement of the code would reduce the risk associated with superstorms like Dorian.

“In reviewing the code and considering the storm surges attached to superstorms, it is likely that recommendations may arise with respect to no-build and restrictive building in areas or zones deemed dangerously susceptible to the worst types of flooding,” he said.

“While reviewing the building code is important, in this circumstance, we must realise that without enforcement of the code, moving forward would be fruitless, hence it is our intention to be more aggressive in enforcement of the code.”

Mr Lewis said the government is committed to learning from what transpired in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and to prepare for future storms.

The home repair programme is for residences in the designated disaster zones.

The initiative aims to help those in need of resources to restore their homes to liveable standards, giving rise to more economic development and normalcy in the zones, he explained.

With some scientists warning that powerful storms could occur more frequently due to climate change, Mr Lewis said governments of small, vulnerable nations must take stringent measures to protect against damage.

“In the era of climate change, Category Five storms are more frequent, and they are especially threats, to economic, social and environmental development of small island nations of the Caribbean region,” he said.

“Based on empirical evidence, it is likely that superstorms will continue to intensify, hence it is incumbent upon government and the people of countries that are impacted by these storms to undertake stringent measures deemed necessary to mitigate the destruction of superstorms,” Mr Lewis said.


bogart 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Bey...bey...here we go again. State Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas saying Nations Building Codes will be firmly enforced....... well entire public done know by law restriction the illegal constructed shanty towns consisting of erry Building Code violition and in danger to the inhabitants and nation.

All dis talk an talk and now AND EVEN THREE MORE ILLEGAL SHANTYTOWNS WITH WHOPPING SOME 900 INHABITANTS !!!!! showup on in Andros...!!!!! How in the world three illegal shantytowns show up..in Andros....???!!!!!!! How can the Minister now saying this ????? Very serious even shantytown population is now the largest illegal village the biggest populated village in entire island of Andros ...even bigger than Andros Nicholls Town population legal Bahamian settlement..


SP 1 month, 3 weeks ago

"Lewis Warns Building Codes Will Be Firmly Enforced".......But Not For Haitians!


DWW 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Jokes. just seen yesterday one guy building a massive covered balcony over and into the neighbors yard probably using looted lumber. another one putting up a concrete block wall to expand the building which is 1 foot from the boundary fence on the road. so much for setbacks and Property ownership much less building code. How can this be enforced when there are no boots on the ground in Abaco. saw the MH port building was finally demo'ed yesterday, finally after 5.5 months.


bahamianson 1 month, 3 weeks ago

lewis, just like everything else in the country. Right, try enforcing the cabinet ministers to disclose their assets and net worth , or demand they pay their light, and water bills on time. Dude, shut up. we are tired of the ministers and higher ups laying down the law on the downtrodden while they make a mockery of it.


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