Minister Felicia Archer: ‘Ten Years In Ministry Is Only The Start’


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Minister Felicia Archer’s journey has not been an easy one, but it has surely been a rewarding one. And this evening she is set to celebrate 10 years in ministry with a special event at the Remnant Tabernacle of Praise.

Under the theme “I’ve Only Just Begun”, the service will begin at 7pm at the church’s Carmichael Road location. For Minister Archer this recognition is a tremendous one.

With her Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries International, a nonprofit organisation, her goal has always been to revive, restore, build and equip those around her to lead successful, faith-fuelled lives.

She told Tribune Religion, one of her most memorable experiences over the last decade occurred after she had been preaching live on the air during a radio show. Afterwards she received a phone call from a woman who was crying uncontrollably. After a little while the woman was able to calm down enough to tell Minister Archer that her preaching the word of the day had saved her life.

“She went on to share with me how she gave up on life and gave up on God. She wrote her suicide letter that morning and dropped her son to school knowing that was the last time she would see him. After dropping him to school she drove to a cliff at the end of the island and was preparing to go overboard. For some strange reason she was led to turn on the radio and there I was preaching and saying by way of the holy spirit someone under the sound of my voice is on the verge of committing suicide; the Lord says to tell you, there is still hope. She knew I was speaking to her and as a result she didn’t commit suicide and is alive and well today. It’s experiences as such these that make the journey worthwhile knowing that if I can save one life along the way then my living will not be in vain,” said Minister Archer.

Another memorable experience occurred many years ago. When she was a teenager attending C V Bethel High she was chosen to preach at another local school. She said during this event she was able to get 600 youngsters to give their lives to the Lord.

She encourages young Bahamian women to also make that kind of difference. She advises them to find their identity in Christ, as it is important to know who you are.

“Get a mentor, because you will need someone that will guide you, counsel you and hold you accountable. As you are led to host an event, or begin your organisation, do it in the spirit of excellence and with integrity. Moreover, don’t duplicate – be original and authentic with your idea and brand, There is no need to compete, so from time to time examine the motive of your heart,” she said.

Minister Archer said she is grateful to the team of people that God has placed in her life.

“Over the years I have learned to always have a word in your spirit for God’s people, because you never know when you will be called upon; learn the culture of the people you are ministering to, and remain authentic in ministry and preaching. Some people might not understand your language, but they’ll understand love. Love is a universal message, so always allow people to feel the love of God permeating from the inside of you,” she said.

Fresh Fire Outreach, she said, is now looking forward to honouring 12 individuals who have made a positive impact in her life over the past decade. She believes as she is celebrated, so must she celebrate others.

Therefore, those honoured will be: Bishop Arnold and Elder Vernita Josey, Pastor Rickeno Moncur, Pastor Glenn Russell, Minister Sarah Moss, Minister Davian Chase, Minister Davonia Williams, Minister Tanya Duncombe, Minister Katherine Hamilton, Ka’Neil Hamilton, Torique Farrington, and Acribba Lightbourne.

“This is going to be a grand celebration. One of the things that will be highlighted is a lot of the work we’ve done of the years and we will also have the opportunity to hear some of the testimonies of those that were impacted by the ministry. I am looking forward to celebrating this major milestone in ministry with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones,” said Minister Archer.

All those interested in becoming a volunteer of Fresh Fire Outreach are invited to e-mail her at freshfireministries2010@gmail.com.


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