Facts, Not Theories

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Global warming is clearly a fact not a theory so why would notable politicians such as Trump ignore/deny it?

One obvious reason with Trump is he is 70’s with limited time left on the planet, why on earth should he worry? It’s someone else’s problem he will be long gone before it’s a full blown crisis.

Also right wing politicians traditionally mistrust scientist regardless of facts/data. As an example of global warming the Russians have found five new islands which have been exposed by the melting ice cap. Could global warming be more obvious?

In regards to politicians being tried for corruption I wrote a letter to The Tribune some six weeks back stating politicians never get convicted not just here but anywhere in the world. The establishment always looks after their own. Contrast that with the lady earlier this year who stole under $70,000 from COB (now University of the Bahamas) who is right now doing 14 years hard time. No such power for her.

Interestingly cabinet ministers earn approx $1500 per week, not a fortune by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder how some live such lavish lifestyles?



December, 2019


joeblow 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Approximately 90 underwater volcanoes have been found that contribute to the melting of polar ice (NOT so called global warming).

Climate change is a farce NOT a fact!


You are obviously unware that new islands have been forming for an eternity from underwater volcanic activity as well!


The earth is caught up in a series of cycles that political agendas are trying to exploit.


Revolutionary 8 months, 2 weeks ago

You een serious. 1) The Newsweek article you listed acknowledges climate change. Did you even read it? Nature Communications and every other scientific publication would never take a climate change denier seriously or publish their findings- this research is about volcanic carbon in addition to human activities. 2) You either deny that humans are producing carbon and destroying habitats at record numbers, or that such record activities have no measurable effect on the climate. Both are contrary to the data:

You have to be willfully ignorant to deny climate change. Time to do some research, grow up and take responsibility for the roles we play in ruining our environment. I tired of yall.


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