Elective Surgeries Back On At Pmh

Princess Margaret Hospital. Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune staff

Princess Margaret Hospital. Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune staff

ELECTIVE surgeries at Princess Margaret Hospital will resume today, according to Health Minister Dr Duane Sands.

Procedures were canceled by health officials earlier this week due to overcrowding at the public hospital, compounded by boarders, bed and nurse shortages.

The health minister has previously said the issue of bed shortages will not be resolved until emergency care services at the Elizabeth Estates and South Beach clinics have expanded and renovations at PMH’s emergency department have been completed.

Still, this is not the first time elective surgeries at PMH had to be suspended.

In the past, surgeries at the hospital have been postponed due a malfunctioning air-conditioner and most recently, malfunctioning sterilisation equipment.


TalRussell 9 months ago

Hard believe a single word that just within but few hours, the hospital freed up a large number beds by kicking out the 39 mothers and fathers, discarded to the care PMH by uncaring family members, and suddenly the hospital's comrade administrators, were also able recruit for immediate hire, 200 new nurses to staff the hospital's wards? Can't makeup stuff up, just, can't


birdiestrachan 9 months ago

A Masterful liar indeed. Suddenly he has nurses and the Boarders are no more.


bahamianson 9 months ago

back on this week , off next week.


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