Seek digital 'boost' amid COVID woe


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Bahamian companies must give themselves a "plus or a boost" amid the COVID-19 pandemic through establishing a sustainable digital component to their operations.

Ricardo McHardy, lead digital marketer for Island Business Media, told Tribune Business: "We have been getting a lot of inquiries from clients who are interested in developing digital solutions, software, e-commerce along with customer service, etc, for their brand and their overall operations.

"We feel that we have been moving forward during this time of pandemic. Having at least a digital arm for your company or organisation would be a plus or a boost moving forward in the digital age and the age of information."

He added: "A company like Amazon, they have more or less triumphed during this time. Everything an organisation needed, they had already; they had at their disposal. Whether it's e-commerce or software or web services, that's what they do and that's who they are, and they do it well, so everybody can learn from them."

Mr McHardy said other companies should now be able to execute their business remotely once they have an Internet connection and mobile device.

"If you want to survive nowadays, digital solutions are the way to go. We develop apps and we also do digital marketing. We focus on mainly retail and professional services," he added.

Mr McHardy said social media advertisements and social media brand awareness campaigns, along with explainer videos and brand design, are the "in things" that clients are seeking to minimise cost.


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