Why Can't People Obey The Rules On Social Distancing?

EDITOR, The Tribune

As a permanent resident ln the Bahamas I am reluctant to express my views, but suffice it to say I am so disappointed and frustrated with the country’s, and in particular the Government’s, reaction to the COVID 19 situation that I am compelled to put pen to paper.

I observe the COVID regulations religiously so I go out only when necessary and that is infrequently. On every occasion that I have been out I find the public’s attention to the COVID regulations disturbing and the government seems to have its head in the sand as to what is actually going on in the community. Social distancing is either not understood or simply ignored and the wearing of face masks while being observed by many, but not all, is for the most part a joke.

Despite instructions as to proper manner of mask usage this seems to be ignored, misunderstood, or both. For example – I was in the Super Value store at the top of Mackey Street this morning.

Social distancing was not evident and the staff and some of the customers that were actually wearing a mask clearly did not know how to wear it or did not care.

On the way home I passed the government office on Shirley Street across from Bank of The Bahamas. At a Government office the regulations were not being observed. These are not isolated instances I understand that the experiment at Arawak Cay over the weekend was another failure of COVID regulation observance.

If we wish to emulate what is happening in the US and if that is the preferred course of action then simply go ahead and open up the country because at the present absence of community participation it will not happen.



June 18, 2020.


joeblow 2 weeks, 3 days ago

I agree with the observations. Increasingly I have seen people wearing face shields WITHOUT any masks! The majority of those who do wear masks wear them below their noses.

Our society is lawless and undisciplined and it is only by Gods grace we have not had far more persons get sick and die!


Porcupine 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Yes. But let us remember that we are still in the first wave. The same cavelier attitude is what is causing the huge spike in cases in the US.


ThisIsOurs 2 weeks, 2 days ago

I think we are at a great advantage over the US. We are naturally socially distanced. We don't have any huge metropolitan areas with massive skyscrapers cramming millions into a few city blocks. A number of the cases we heard about were persons who contracted the virus through the clinic or the hospital. That's some good news as it is..because you can mitigate that.

As to the face shields without a mask, you'd have to look at the purpose of a shield. The purpose is to prevent someone coughing or sneezing on you. But the purpose of the mask is the exact opposite, to prevent you from spreading your germs. The shields are great for customer service personnel and health care workers. Not so much the general public. Once again the rules haven't been well thought out. If the goal is to prevent people from spreading their germs the shield should not be worn without the mask


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