This Time, The Us Sneeze Will Be More Than A Cold

EDITOR, The Tribune.

How many times over a lifetime has one heard the desperate sigh: “Oh, dear God, what is this world coming to?”

Yes, what is it coming to!

I remember, not too many moons ago, when a British official was to pay an official visit to the Bahamas. This was nothing unusual, except in one particular. How was he and his partner to be treated socially? Nothing peculiar, but at the time nothing could be found in the social guide, or the book of etiquette as to how this couple was to be recognised. You see they were not married – nor did they make any secret of it! However, they were living as though they were. Somehow the officials at the time muddled their way through, wiped their brows and got over the hurdle.

Now many years later we have a prime minister in the UK, who has just announced that he and his partner, not only got engaged recently, but are expecting a baby this summer! They have yet to say when they plan to marry, or if the divorce from his first wife – with whom it is claimed he had five children – has yet come through!

Yes, dear God, what is this tired old world coming to? It seems that it has escaped us and we are living on another planet!

And on this side of the Atlantic we see the United States, which prides itself as the world’s leader, being led by a man who seems to believe he is God’s gift to mankind, but is incapable of telling the truth!

Donald Trump— it gives me goose bumps even at the mention of his name — claims that he has a predisposition toward science because of his “super genius” uncle. It is feared that this “super genius” might interfere with scientists’ attempt to contain the outbreak of coronavirus by playing down its growing threat for fear of it interfering with his country’s economy!

It is true that Trump had a brilliant uncle who taught, and later became a professor emeritus at MIT, and was awarded the National Medal of Science by President Ronald Reagan, but Donald Trump is even a greater buffoon than I thought he was by believing that he inherited anything from his uncle — as a matter of fact the poor uncle would probably turn in his grave at the way his nephew is now trading on his good name!

According to Trump climate warming is a hoax — despite all destructive evidence to the contrary around us — and at one point he was trying to say that the threat of corona virus spreading in the United States was also a hoax!

Yes, the world has certainly changed — at one time a man like Trump would not even be allowed in the back door! The American elections can’t come soon enough. Hopefully voters will have the sense to vote him out before he leads us on a devil’s dance to destruction. Remember the saying — when the U.S sneezes the Bahamas catches a cold! Only this time the sneeze will result in more than a cold.



March 6, 2020.


Porcupine 4 months ago

Excellent and correct letter. Thanks for writing it.


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 months ago

What the writer does not know is that Donald Trump's IQ was officially tested on two occasions while he was at the Citadel and his average score was 148. His daughter Ivanka's IQ was similarly tested while she attended Choate Rosemary Hall and she scored even higher than her father. The writer also fails to point out that Donald Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, was until her recent retirement a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (appointed by President Bill Clinton). She too was well known for her 'smarts' and had graduated near the top of her class at a first rate law school. Let's not forget too that Donald Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Business at UPenn, one of the world's leading business schools. Bottomline: A history of good family genes is just that and Donald Trump's ability as a novice politician to ascend to the US Presidency against all odds proves he was not deprived of his share.


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