Mother’S Day In Lockdown

How will you celebrate?


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THIS coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and unfortunately for those who live in Nassau and the northern islands, we will be under lockdown beginning Friday night at 9pm. This weekend, like the previous ones, means limited movement, and many will most likely not have the chance to spend time with their mothers, at least not in person.

For the past few weeks, Bahamians have experienced the challenge of celebrating special occasions during the ongoing curfew, when gatherings are restricted and only select merchants are operating, making finding gifts almost impossible.

To make Mother’s Day special this year will no doubt take extra effort.

Some Bahamians who spoke with Tribune Woman said they are getting creative and thinking outside of the box to ensure their mothers feel loved and honoured on Sunday, even in lockdown.

“You have to make the most of this, as best as you possible can and do things with whatever limited resources or time you have,” said Cindy.

A glimmer of hope came for Cindy last Sunday when the Prime Minister announced businesses that can offer curbside or delivery services can operate again Monday to Friday.

“What that meant for me is that wines and spirit stores can sell. I have decided that since my mother is truly a lover of wine, I have gotten her an assortment of wines that will be delivered to her on Friday. It will be in a box with a nice big bow on top,” she said.

Cindy said her mother will be able to have her own wine-tasting on Sunday and enjoy the different flavours and vintages.

Meanwhile, Tamara said she will be giving her mother the gift of time this Sunday.

“Well, since we are under lockdown I decided that I am going to have a weekend slumber party at my mother’s. She has enough space to accommodate me. I plan on starting the day off enjoying virtual church services with her, cooking her favourite dish, and baking her a special treat,” she said.

There will also be a surprise, Tamara said.

“The catch is she will not know I am staying over until Friday afternoon when I pop over for my usual visit. She will be so happy... I cannot wait,” she said.

As for Alexio, he chose to make a few online purchases for his mother.

“A few merchants are open where you can actually get a nice gift. I decided to do some shopping online and purchase her some items,” he said.

And these are not just any items.

“She has gained a whole new interest over this pandemic and wants to start a business, so I have invested in some equipment and books so she can begin this process. I think it is something she can appreciate,” he said.

Avery also has a surprise in store for her mother. Without revealing too much, she said her gift has three defining characteristics: “It is big, colourful, and it is a keepsake.

“But it does not just stop there. I have a few other things planned, like making the kids shoot their ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ videos for her that I am sure she will love and appreciate. I cannot wait to see the smile on her face,” said Avery.

Deandre and her siblings have planned a virtual party to mark the occasion.

“You don’t have to go all out. Everyone understands the kind of position we are all in. So do the best you can do and just make it meaningful,” she said.


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