‘Don’T Blame Plp For Gb’S Increase In Covid Cases’


PLP chairman Fred Mitchell.


Tribune Freeport Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell said a social media post that accused PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis and party supporters of attending a “super spreader” event in Grand Bahama is nothing more than political “propaganda”.

The post suggests the event held in Freeport may have contributed to the increase in COVID-19 cases on the island. Photos of Mr Davis and a number of supporters in Grand Bahama were posted on social media. It was reported Mr Davis and supporters attended a recent funeral and motorcade.

According to information obtained by The Tribune, Mr Davis flew to Freeport on October 10 to attend a funeral for the late Rio Williams, a staunch PLP supporter in Grand Bahama.

In the photos, Mr Davis and supporters were wearing masks, however it does not appear that social distancing was being observed.

In August, Mr Davis tested positive for COVID-19, and was hospitalised. He then left the country to receive care in the United States, where his daughter, Philippa, works as a senior critical care physician.

In response to the post, Mr Mitchell said it is false and the recent uptick in cases in Grand Bahama has nothing to do with Mr Davis.

“I have learned over the years not to engage the FNM in their propaganda. When Dr Minnis apologises to the leader of the opposition for those silly remarks he made (last week), maybe we will engage.

“I am advised that the surge in GB may not be a surge at all because as we in the PLP suspected, there was an undercount by the government because they were not following our advice and testing.

“I’m advised that these numbers may have spiked because two private companies were not satisfied with the government’s figures and paid for their employees to get tested and thus the figures. Trust the FNM always to make up false stories like these bogus social media posts... it’s Minnis’ fault. Nothing to do with Brave Davis,” Mr Mitchell said.

A little over a week ago, Grand Bahama saw an increase in coronavirus infections after a recent lull.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis warned that Bahamians must get used to cycles that involve tightening and loosening of restrictions because the pandemic will be “with us well into next year”.

Beginning last Friday, an 8pm to 5am weekday curfew was applied to New Providence, Abaco and Grand Bahama. Grand Bahama previously had a 10pm curfew while New Providence and Abaco were under a 7pm curfew.

Events such as weddings and funerals on Grand Bahama will be limited to ten people, not including officiants and mortuary workers.

As of October 31, Grand Bahama had 749 cases.


pablojay 1 month ago

A video was circulated also of PLP supporters giving out t-shirts downtown Freeport, which showed female workers of KFC dashing out to get their yellow shirts. I hope that they washed their hands before returning to their work stations.

While i am here i will just replicate the headline for this story:

Don'T Blame Plp For Gb'S Increase In Covid Cases

My beloved Tribune,.....What's going on?????


Clamshell 1 month ago

Philip “Gravy” Davis failed to protect his ownself from Covid ‘cause he wasn’t careful about dipping his gravy spoon into the public trough ... tsk, tsk.


KapunkleUp 1 month ago

Why would anyone blame the PLP? It's the FNM making all the decisions. Mitchell just loves the sound of his own voice. As for Chicken Davis, he still has not set forth a comprehensive plan for what he would do if he were in charge. Different dogs, same fleas.


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