COVID-19 figures pass 5,000 over the weekend



OFFICIAL COVID-19 figures surged to 5,163 over the holiday weekend, with New Providence leading the way with some 3,937 cases.

On Friday, cases jumped by 91 bringing the total at that time to 4,955. The Ministry of Health also confirmed three more COVID-19 related deaths on Friday, while one new death was under investigation.

On Saturday, confirmed cases rose by 68 and tipped the total count over the five thousand mark to 5,023. Fifty-five more cases were added on Sunday—all from New Providence—bringing the total count of confirmed cases to 5,078. Another death was also reported on Sunday, bringing the nation’s toll to 107.

The deaths announced Friday are a 71-year-old man and a 66-year old man, both from New Providence, who died on October 8. A 58-year-old New Providence woman who died on October 9 is also included in the COVID-19 death toll.

Officials also said that a 33-year-old New Providence woman who died on September 30 and was initially classified as a non-COVID death on October 2 has since been reclassified as a COVID related death.

On Sunday, officials said a 63-year-old New Providence man who died on October 11 had been added to the official death toll.

There are 14 deaths under investigation.

On Monday, confirmed cases rose by 85 – with 76 of those in New Providence. The death toll rose to 108 after the death of an 86-year-old man on October 11. There were also two non-COVID related deaths.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis put the islands of New Providence and Abaco on lockdown over the holiday weekend due to these islands’ rapidly rising cases. Bahamians have mixed emotions regarding the lockdowns. The Tribune spoke to some of them to get their views.

Yvette Taylor, a school teacher feels the lockdowns are ineffective.

“I really don’t appreciate being locked up again,” said Ms Taylor. “What concerns me most of all is that I am seeing all sorts of videos coming in from the islands with people partying and fighting and carrying on and (hardly) a one of them have on any mask or staying away from each other.

“So they (may) spread COVID on the island and then they are going to travel to Nassau and spread it and the cycle will start all over again. So it makes no sense locking up people who are going to interact again with travelers who have it.”

Elizabeth Pierre works in a church office. She supports the lockdowns and feels that Bahamians are just not giving them a fair chance.

“We need to really listen to what the prime minister is saying,” she explained. “I trust him and his team because he is a doctor and some of the best work with him. If we truly comply with what he is saying then we will see the difference in our numbers. If we continue to be out there not complying with what is asked of us, then those preventative measures will come to naught and we will see the virus continue to spread.

“The Bahamas, unfortunately, has become a very, unruly place. No one seems to respect authority anymore. It seems to be a free for all. Do whatever you want and let someone else deal with the consequences. This is exactly what is happening now with young people and the spread of COVID-19.”

Laury Newbold, a retiree, has a different outlook. She said if the rules in the Emergency Orders were being enforced by law enforcement, then COVID numbers would drop.

“Firstly we have to accept the fact that as much as we want to see it disappear, COVID is going to be around for some time,” said Ms Newbold. “Secondly, in my circles, we talk about all kinds of people out there who continue on as if we are not in a pandemic at all. They act as though nothing is going on and they have their constant parties with no mask and stuff like that. These people are breaking the current laws, so why are they not being locked up?

“We, as a country, need to get serious. Until we do, then COVID will continue to dominate. Enforce the COVID laws and the numbers will be lowered.”


Topdude 1 year, 10 months ago

Hopefully now we will understand that this Covid-19 virus is a true pandemic and that stern measures are required. The most recent re-introduction of the lockdown measures is the only rational thing to do.

While we will all be inconvenienced we have to look at the greater good. Please let us accept the Prime Minister’s leadership, knowledge and insight on this one. Whether or not you support the FNM or PLP this pandemic requires bipartisan support. And unless we come together and act as a nation undivided by politics we will not beat this thing back.

Our Prime Minister is to be commended. We should be grateful for his leadership. May God continue to bless and keep him.


ISpeakFacts 1 year, 10 months ago

How much is Minnis paying you to dance and lick his boots? You must be drinking sum strong kool-aid if you think Minnis has shown any sort of leadership during his tenure! 100+ dead from the China Virus since Minnis decided to reopen our borders in July, and he's planning on making the same mistake again next month!

Why should we commend Minnis for his gross incompetence? He hasn't done anything positive since coming into office, his response to Dorian has been a complete embarrassment, which is why its no surprise to some that Minnis failed to handle this pandemic, the China Virus completely toyed with Minnis' pea-sized brain! At least Minnis die-hards like yourself can brag to others that YOUR savior killed the economy, something no other PM could hope to accomplish!


John 1 year, 10 months ago

If emotion could cure the pandemic then this dude, right here, would be the right one for the job.


trueBahamian 1 year, 10 months ago

Lol. We should be grateful for his leadership. Sorry, what did I miss? This is just total utter arrogance. The PM has made quite a bit of mistakes that is quite costly for this country. I'm not a fan of the opposition either. Anyone looking objectively at the current handling of this crisis will point to the July 1st reopening as the genesis of our current dilemma. Now in the middle of medical chaos, the PM and the genius Minister of Tourism want to reopen again. This is clearly not a bright thing to do. But if course, this is "exemplary" handling of the crisis. A complete banana republic response and a bunch of yes men applauding our destruction.


Entrepreneur 1 year, 10 months ago

So many young people partying and not wearing masks, it is therefore all inevitable.
I had to be in Florida in July (at the height of their outbreak) and followed all the precautions (gloves, mask, social distancing and hand washing) - result, no COVID. Not before, not during my trip, and not after... More interestingly, Floridians I met admitted to me that they had not followed the precautions, but that after the huge uptick in numbers in July they were going to follow the guidlines - and since then..., their numbers have come down.

Here is a sign I saw in FL - 2 people meet, 1 person has COVID, one person wears a mask - risk of transmission = 70%. But if both wear a mask risk of transmission is 1.5%.

So it's time we focused enforcement on wearing of masks and social distancing...


TalRussell 1 year, 10 months ago

My Comrades, seems fair close enough in observation comment being this is not a redcoats colony, how House-the elected redcoats have continued redirecting millions PopoulesPurse's scarce dollars in virus crisis dollars and their time engaged be's gearing up for snap rungin' general election bell.
Shakehead once for Yeah they're still doing bad with appointing the politically privileged, connected, and leaning to lie like good red to cushy paycheques job, posts, and consultancies, Twice for Not to a repeated 2017?


trueBahamian 1 year, 10 months ago

Incompetence! Incompetence! We are where we are because of the July 1st reopening. We haven't figured out how to tackle this issue as yet, but we're scheduling another reopening. Then a month or so from now, the government is going to want to impose more drastic measures.

Think about it. If we hadn't reopened in July, we would stopped at 100+ cases. We would be able to sit in restaurants, perhaps go to clubs/bars right now. Businesses would be clawing they way back to some sense of recovery. Obvious bad decisions are destroying our country. It's as simple as that. Covid isn't the enemy, the government is.


tribanon 1 year, 10 months ago

Yes indeed, Minnis and D'Aguilar sealed our fate when they foolishly authorized the pre-mature re-opening of our borders on July 1 while Florida was ablaze with rampant community spread of the deadly Communist China Virus. Prior to July 1 we had suceeded in putting the genie virus back in its bottle, but the stupidity of Minnis and D'Aguilar allowed it to get out again with a vengeance. These two incompetent buffoons have imperiled the lives of all elderly and more vulnerable Bahamians with pre-existing medical conditions, not to mention our healthcare workers on the frontline. No if's, and's, or but's, Minnis and D'Aguilar share direct responsibility for many Covid-19 related deaths that have occurred since July 1. They are both an utter and shameful disgrace and should have long ago done the only honourable thing that was left for them to do, i.e. fallen on their own sword.


John 1 year, 10 months ago

Johnson and Johnson has now halted its trials of the covid-19 vaccine as one of the volunteers fell ill with an unexplained sickness. Johnson and Johnson was the only company in the top line that was testing a one-shot vaccine. All others had to be taken in at least two parts. And so the development of a safe, well tested, and effective vaccine seems to be ways off, and even then its efficacy rate will still be below 60% meaning almost half the people taking it will not be protected against covid-19. And while the weekend lockdowns will be effective in slowing the disease and not as socially and economically as painful as full lockdowns, government, even at this late stage, must do more to control those already infected with the virus and who continue to mingle with the general population. And then the fact that, while the number of positive tests has skyrocketed, the number of deaths and hospitalizations remain relatively manageable. Government must now, too seek ways to keep deaths lower and ensure the patients in hospital get care that will allow them to recover more quickly


DWW 1 year, 10 months ago

ALL THIS POLITICAL BULLSNOT COMMENTS ABOVE ARE self serving party loyal idiots. The issue is not political. it is not enforcement. The issue is education. Just like the "Protect ya conch" sign we need public education campaign to show people why they WANT to wear a mask.


trueBahamian 1 year, 10 months ago

Each individual has to do their part. But governments have to lead with ideas that make sense. You can't open your borders when you haven't controlled the numbers at home. Also, why would you open your borders when very few people will come. You're only allowing for locals to leave, only to return to further exacerbate the crisis. This is not politics. It's logic and statistics.


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