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AROUND 80 dogs from the Bahamas Humane Society will take part in a “Wings of Rescue” flight to the United States this morning as a part of a plan to reduce the population in the overcrowded shelter.

The Bahamas Humane Society is Nassau’s oldest charitable organisation, having been established in the Chippingham area since 1947. Its purpose is to tend to animals placed in its care. It relies on funds from its veterinary clinic, thrift shop, fundraisers and donations.

Since the inception of “Wings of Rescue” in 2012, its planes have flown over 56,000 at-risk shelter pets to safety. The company transports healthy dogs and cats, pregnant and nursing mothers and pets in need of major surgical procedures.

Percy Grant, BHS shelter manager, said the 80 dogs will touch down in Michigan where they have already been adopted.

“The overcrowding is consistent,” he said. “The public continuously brings animals and dumps them on us – puppies, kittens – it’s a daily thing. We started getting international partners (since) Hurricane Dorian. In getting the international partners, this afforded us the opportunity to get these animals adopted by other humane organisations.

“Wings of Rescue is one of our main partners who helped us during Hurricane Dorian. What happens is people raise funds to pay for these trips then we get the dogs over there where they are already adopted. So that’s been a tremendous help.”

Mr Grant explained the process that puts the rescued dogs in homes abroad.

“So what happens in the process is, they would request the dogs and we would put all of our dogs on their website with pictures and what have you,” he said. “The dogs are adopted from the website from the American or Canadian shelter. When the dogs leave here, they are already adopted. It’s just very expensive. There are groups who do it.

“(This) morning we are sending out about 80 dogs. But, of course, as you know, the next day it might be another 80 coming in. So it’s a constant turnover. The dogs will be adopted from the shelters, but they are already spoken for before they left here.”

Mr Grant said this will be the shelter’s third flight for the year. A previous flight sent animals to Canada.

“This will help to alleviate the severe overcrowding at the Bahamas Humane Society, which is now sheltering more than 650 animals,” he added.

“Wings of Rescue” is completely funded by donations. The organisation relies upon the generosity of its volunteer pilots, and the safe-haven shelters across North America that saves the lives of shelter pets.

Michigan Humane also partnered with the Humane Society in making this mission a reality.


Chucky 2 years, 1 month ago

Sad things, USA euthanizes 60,000 domestic animals a day, Canada does about 5500 per day.

While it’s great that these pets are being adopted; it does not have any net positive outcome because when these 80 or so pets are sent and adopted, it means that the same number of local pets won’t be adopted in Michigan.

Watch the movie “Eathlings”, it shows the problems in great and honest detail. The movie illustrates the horrific ways in which we treat animals; I had to turn it off 20 minutes into the show. Couldn’t watch anymore.

The whole western world needs more commitment and resources towards spaying and neutering, or these needless deaths will continue.

Not much is truly civilized in civilization.


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