131 new COVID-19 cases, one more related death

THE Ministry of Health recorded 131 new COVID-19 cases and one more related death on Thursday.

The bulk of the new cases—104—are all in New Providence. According to the data released on Friday, 15 new cases were recorded for Grand Bahama; one in Abaco; three in Eleuthera; one in Exuma; four in Long Island; one in Cat Island while two cases were listed as locations pending.

The new cases pushed the nation’s confirmed total to 16,272 since the start of the pandemic. There are now 312 confirmed deaths.

The latest deceased victim is a 29-year-old New Providence man who died on August 12.

Officials also said 14 of the new cases have a history of travel within the last 14 days. These cases are all New Providence residents.

Meanwhile, 134 COVID-19 patients are in hospital, eleven of whom are in the intensive care unit.

To contain the spread of COVID-19 residents are reminded of the following: if you have symptoms, contact your health provider; while home remedies may work for a period it is important to get tested and receive the proper care before symptoms become too difficult to manage; if you have been asked by the Surveillance Unit to get tested for COVID-19, please follow the advice and take the gold standard RT-PCR test.

Employees are encouraged to work from home.


proudloudandfnm 12 months ago

Vaccines do not cause autism man. Stop with the stupid conspiracy theories...

Nobody who had been vaccinated against covid has died from covid in our country. And 99% of all people hospitalized for covid are unvaccinated.

Time to give up the stupid arguments. The vaccines protect you from severe illness and death. Simple documented fact. No debate, no grey area. Simple fact.

And now I'm going to flag your assinine post for removal and hopefully the Tribune staff will do the right thing and delete it, because its pure bullshit...


whogothere 12 months ago

Well in The Bahamas as you know most people aren't vaxxed yet but 99% of active cases are not severely ill...96% of all active cases are not in hospital... Crappy health care is not the same as viral risk...And well as data in my post below is showing many many people of dying of other things...but yet covid myopia ignores that and continues to be the only thing influencing policy...

With regard to "99% of unvaxxed deaths" - the question is from when (lol) - because that is important - if you're including all of those hospitalisation and deaths from early December (when the vast majority of the US -the only place propagandising this statistic- was unvaccinated), you skew the results...CDC already let it slip in the infamous slide leak that vaccinated death in hospitals were at 15% in the USA (In May) (see slide 4) and growing:



whogothere 12 months ago

So how does covid stack up to some of the other things that killed Bahamians in 2019:

Cardiovascular Disease killed about 868 people

Cancer killed about 580

Random injuries (Drownings, car accidents, falls, etc) killed around 346

Diabetes 248

And around 110 died of respiratory diseases.

Covid killed 170 in 2020 and has killed 140 so far this year; many of whom were dying or may have died of other primary causes..

It's crazy that there is essentially a greater chance of dying by accident or by human negligence than of covid..

It's a farce...



proudloudandfnm 12 months ago

Covid has killed over 40 million....

And the deaths keep coming. For the unvaccinated of course.


ohdrap4 12 months ago

Fully vaccinated people hace died all over the world. Small in numbers, but they have.

Not here tho. Must be the coocoo soup.


whogothere 12 months ago

Geez @proud you really are stupid.. truly..

COVID has killed only 4.3 million (over 1.5 years) globally (google is there and it's easy to use) ..average age of which is around 75-80 and the vast majority (~96%) of which were in LTC facilities or dying 2 - 3 the other things.

17 Million die of cardio vascular disease (26 million over 1.5 years)

10 Million die of cancer each year globally (15 million of 1.5 years)..but there is expected to increase 10-15% (1.5 million per year) given the lack of diagnostics due to covid lockdowns in 2020.

In fact Smog killed 10 million people last year...sigh...thats right smog is a bigger killer...


Tobacco 7 million globally.. www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/f...

Alcohol 3 million each year.. www.alcoholrehabguide.org/resources/m...

And actually vaccinated are still capitulating in growing quantities as the call for booster shots increase...(that 99% figure proud loved quote is no longer the case). Vaccinated or not vaccinated if you're old or have immune deficients covid is likely to have fatal impact - for the rest of us - the chances of dying by accident in The Bahamas are greater...


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