Illegal migration case dismissed


Tribune Staff Reporter


A Haitian man who was charged with illegally migrating to the country had his case dismissed when immigration officials failed to appear to testify against him.

Lucien Francis Delia was arrested after officers alleged he was found in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, in April, after he had landed from a place outside The Bahamas without leave of an immigration officer.

At his first court appearance, Delia denied the allegations and claimed that he was born in the Bahamas.

As a result, his case was adjourned for trial. Nonetheless, after the prosecutor and witnesses from the Department of Immigration failed to attend court on three occasions, Delia requested a final adjournment.

When the accused appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney for a fourth time, all attempts to reach a representative from the department were unsuccessful.

As a result, Magistrate McKinney dismissed the case and discharged Delia.

Since the charges were dropped, Delia said he intended to apply to the Supreme Court to have his ankle bracelet removed.

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