Police shoot man in buttocks

A JUVENILE who led police on a car chase yesterday morning was shot in the buttocks by officers.

Police said the incident took place shortly before 1am when officers on routine patrol in the area of Mermaid Boulevard, Golden Gates saw a silver coloured Mercedes SUV that aroused their suspicion.

The driver was asked to stop, but declined to do so and sped off, police said.

A chase followed and later ended on Cox Way.

As the officers approached the vehicle from behind, the driver was instructed to get out of the vehicle.

Police said the officers then noticed the vehicle was reversing towards them.

“Being aware of the threat against their lives, the officers discharged their service weapon in the direction of the vehicle,” police said. “It came to a stop; an inspection of the vehicle revealed a juvenile male who was suffering from gunshot wounds to the buttocks.”

The suspect was taken to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services. He is listed in stable condition.

An investigation into this matter is ongoing.


mandela 1 year, 3 months ago

Firing into a moving vehicle seems dangerous, supposing a child was in the vehicle also and killed, then what?


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