Throwers Take Advantage Of Blue Chips Meet

ATHLETES take advantage of the Blue Chips Throwers Club’s meet at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium on Saturday.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photos: Terrel W Carey/Tribune Staff

ATHLETES take advantage of the Blue Chips Throwers Club’s meet at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium on Saturday. Photos: Terrel W Carey/Tribune Staff


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AMIDST the postponement of the CARIFTA Games and not too many meets to compete in, throwers are taking advantage of the Blue Chips Throwers Club’s series of events at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium.

On Saturday, the throwers got another opportunity to display their skills and the performances were right on par, although club head coach Corrington Maycock said he didn’t want them to peak too early.

As the curtains came down on the one-day meet in the javelin, Demian Brice took the under-15 title with a toss of 26.48 metres in the second of his four throws. Rohan Culmer came through on his final attempt with 20.18m for second, while Berkley Finley was third with 18.25m on his second try.

Kaden Cartwright, already qualified for CARIFTA, won the under-17 boys’ event with a distance of 51.79m on his first attempt. Robert Deal was second on his final attempt with 37.96m and Kristian Monoesir was third with his final best throw of 24.52.

“Today, I wasn’t feeling that good. Every time I was throwing, my ankle was hurting, so I just scratched the last throw,” said Strachan of his final efforts in the javelin, the last event of the day. “But after getting some rest I think I will be better. I’m just a little sore.”

And having qualified for CARIFTA, the 16-year-old 10th grader at Queen’s College said he hopes to throw atleast 60m when the games take place in July.

Although he didn’t qualify in his other event, Cartwright doubled up in the discus with his mark of 33.08m on his first toss. Robert Deal was second with 22.49m on his fourth attempt and Zion Evans came in third with 17.65m on his second.

Keyshawn Strachan, also having already qualified for CARIFTA, won the under-20 boys’ crown with his heave of 59.12m on his first attempt. His nearest rival was Nathan Zervos with 50.72m on his first attempt. Jylen Cadet got third with 48.55m on his second toss.

“It was a good day. Every day you won’t throw as best as you could, but I was pleased with what I did today,” said Strachan, a 17-year-old 11th grader at St John’s. “I’m proud of my performances this year.

“As time goes, I hope to get better. Right now, we’re not focusing on how far we can throw, but just on our technique. Later in the season, I hope to see better results.”

The girls’ javelin saw Danielle Nixon take first place in the under-15 division with 14.61m on her third toss with Genia Smith getting second with her only legal mark of 8.43m on her final try. Nixon also emerged as double winner, taking the shot put with 9.81m on her second attempt. Genia Smith was second with 8.00m on her second attempt, while Joi Farquharson was third with 7.00m on her second try as well.

Ciam Clarke was the lone competitor in the under-17 girls’ division, winning with 13.01m on her only throw in the first round.

And in the under-20 girls’ division, Canitra Mackey picked up the win in the javelin with 38.72m on her third attempt and Ethiopia Turnquest followed with 16.18m with her opening mark.

In the discus, Joi Farquharson had the best throw in the under-15 girls’ division of 15.19m on her first attempt to win. Genia Smith, with 12.88m on her second throw, got second and Shavel Colebrooke got third with 10.55m on her final try.

In the under-17 girls’ division, Teneil Ferguson was the winner with 24.02m on her second attempt. Isabella Rolle was second with 23.87m on her second throw and Ciann Clarke came in third on her second throw with 20.50m.

Anne Marie Oriakhi won the under-20 title with her heave of 37.31m on her final attempt. Shelby Knowles was second with 31.79m on her first attempt and Ethiopia Turnquest got third with 19.80m on her second toss.

Laquell Harris ws the lone competitor in the open division, finishing with a heave of 46.95m for her best mark in the second round.

In the boys’ under-15 discus, Rohan Culmer picked up another victory with his best toss of 26.76m on his final try. Demian Brice was second with 21.79m on his third attempt, while Barkley Finley got third with 16.0m on his second attempt.

Tarajh Hdson, another CARIFTA qualifier, won the under-20 boys’ discus with his heave on 55.89m on his second attempt. Philip Moss got second with 41.85m, his only legal throw on his final attempt and Fabian Storr was third with 35.48m on his second try.

Abner Johnson was the lone competitor in the open men’s division, winning with 38.43m on his final attempt.

Teneil Ferguson clinched the under-17 girls’ shot put victory with 8.76m on her third try. She was followed by Isabella Rolle with 7.73m on her third go and Giannia Clarke came in third with 7.34m on her second.

And in the under-20 girls’ division, Canitra Mackey picked up the win in the shot put with 12.04m on her final toss, beating out Anne Marie Oriakhi, who had to settle for second with 10.39m on her first try. Shelby Knowles also had her best opening throw with 10.23m for third.

In the under-15 boys’ shot put, Rohan Clarke had the winning toss of 11.48m on his first attempt. Demian Brice was second with 9.12m on his third and Berkley Finey was third with 8.13m on his second.

The under-17 boys’ division saw Zion Evans emerge victorious in the shot put with his winning toss of 10.48m on his opener. Kristian Monoesir was second with 9.69m on his final attempt and Sant’angelo Strachan was third with 6.39m on his third and only legal throw.

Philip Moss Jr captured the under-20 boys’ divisional shot put with 17.49m on his first attempt. Tarajh Huddson had to settle for second with 16.77m on his second and Fabian Storr got third with 13.04m on his second.

And in the open men’s division, Abner Johnson took the shot put title with his best of 13.60m on his second attempt, while Kendrick Thompson got second with 12.82m on his second as well.

Maycock, who also served as the meet director, said the performances across the board were right where he wanted them to be. “There were no great performances. The weight room won’t allow them to go beyond that, so I’m pleased with everyone’s performances,” Maycock said.

This was the second meet for the season for Blue Chips Athletics, coming off the heels of the first one held in December.

So based on what he saw, Maycock said they intend to put on a few more meets to keep the throwers competitive.

Coach Ronald Cartwright is expected to host the next throwers meet on March 13 at the same venue, right on the thrower’s field outside of the original TAR Track Stadium.

Drumeco Archer, president of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations, who was celebrating his birthday, took the time out to watch the competition along with coaches Rupert Gardiner and Peter Pratt.

The meet was officiated by the Bahamas Association of Certified Officials (BACO).


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