A new era for medical firm

THE new Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies building.
Photos: Disha Fraser/Island Destination Services (IDS)

THE new Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies building. Photos: Disha Fraser/Island Destination Services (IDS)


The opening ceremony yesterday with the ribbon being cut by directors Margot and Basil Barnett along with their daughter Morgan, Minister Renward Wells and Archbishop Pinder.

BAHAMAS Medical and Surgical Supplies has opened a new corporate complex.

The company, now in its 20th year of operations, serves the Bahamas including the Ministry of Health, the Public Hospital Authority, medical and healthcare facilities, dental and veterinary services. It also provides services for Bermuda through the Bermuda Hospital Board; and Interhealth Canada which manages two hospitals in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare services have become even more critical, and Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies chose to meet that demand by commissioning its new complex and providing the supplies necessary to meet a growing demand.

The new complex, at Fifth Terrace, Centerville, Nassau, comprises a 7,850 sq ft warehouse, an office, staff room and three segregated temperature storage rooms for pharmaceuticals and specialty products. The site is also home to a 3,750 sq ft retail store and a 750 sq ft service department.

Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies is founded by director Margot Barnett, former deputy hospital administrator of the Princess Margaret Hospital. Her husband Basil Barnett, a finance professional, is also the company’s director.

Mrs Barnett went from her living room to an initial office and warehouse site in the East Bay Shopping Centre with a single employee. It then expanded to 159 Shirley Street with a staff of seven. An additional off-site warehouse space became necessary.

The company currently has 21 Bahamian employees, including three service engineers, two registered pharmacists, two healthcare specialists and three sales associates.

Days ago, Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese Rev Patrick C Paul blessed the corporate centre, encouraging staff to let the “respect for the dignity of life and maintaining the quality of life” be their “guiding light”.

Health Minister Renward Wells, speaking on behalf of Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, congratulated the Barnetts for their “vision” and “resilience”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of quality healthcare providers and companies in every aspect of the healthcare sphere,” Mr Wells said.

“This includes dynamic public/private partnerships for the delivery of healthcare in The Bahamas. Businesses such as Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies play an important role in the delivery of healthcare services. You represent one of the global leaders in healthcare and you are known for the quality of your service and high standards. Your continued investment in The Bahamas, including this new centre, demonstrates the quality of our Bahamian talent and entrepreneurship in a diversity of fields.”

Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies is a distributor for healthcare brands including GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson Medical, 3M Healthcare and Alcon Vision.


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